The American Fork boys and the Bingham girls won the varsity events of the 18th annual Grass Relays at American Fork on Saturday morning.

Caveman Connor McMillan also won individual medalist honors, finishing the course in 9:52, 11 seconds ahead of the second-place runner. Teammate Zac Jacklin finished fourth.

As a team, American Fork registered a time of 51:48, 48 seconds better than the second-place squad, Lone Peak.

Clayson Shumway came in third and Jacob Warner was ninth to lift the Knights. Orem came in fifth, with Matt Owen earning medalist honors in 12th place.

In the girls division, American Fork finished fifth, led by Maddie Bench, who placed 14th in the individual standings. The highest-placing local team was Maple Mountain, which finished third and also placed three runners among the top 15 medalists. Britney Lund was sixth, Megan Gutke came in eighth and Elli Eastmond was 12th.

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Grass Relays

American Fork High School

Aug. 31, 2013

Boys Team Results

1-American Fork (51:48), 2-Lone Peak (52:36), 3-Bingham (53:14), 4-Riverton (53:24), 5-Orem (53:26), 6-Desert Hills (54:17), 7-Salem Hills (54:23), 8-Rock Springs, Wyo. (54:51), 9-Mountain Crest (55:18), 10-Alta (55:38). Other locals: 15-Springville (56:26), 16-Provo (56:31), 17-Maple Mountain (56:33), 21-Pleasant Grove (57:35), 22-Lehi (58:06), 24-Wasatch (58:54), 27-Payson (61:29).

Top Individual Results

1-Connor McMillan, American Fork (9:52), 2-Kramer Morton, Alta (10:03), 3-Clayson Shumway, Lone Peak (10:04), 4-Zac Jacklin, American Fork (10:06), 5-Brady Early, Riverton (10:07), 6-Jacob Stone, Woods Cross (10:13), 7-Ricky Faure, Rock Springs, Wyo. (10:14), 8-Caleb Walker, Bingham (10:14), 9-Jacob Warner, Lone Peak (10:15), 10-Isaac Faux, Maple Mountain (10:16), 11-Gavin Hasty, Salem Hills (10:17), 12-Matt Owens, Orem (10:20), 13-Sam Coleman, Riverton (10:26), 14-Owen Gardner, Springville (10:31), 15-Clay Lambourne, Riverton (10:31).

Girls Team Results

1-Bingham (62:51), 2-Park City (63:13), 3-Maple Mountain (63:17), 4-Skyline (64:01), 5-American Fork (64:11), 6-Mountain Crest (64:44), 7-Orem (65:09), 8-Provo (66:22), 9-Lehi (66:52), 10-Lone Peak (67:30). Other locals: 11-Salem Hills (67:31), 12-Springville (68:33), 14-Payson (69:55), 27-Wasatch (74:45), 28-Pleasant Grove (76:32).

Top Individual Results

1-Marlee Mitchell, Bingham (11:51), 2-Alyssa Snyder, Park City (11:53), 3-Maddie Criscione, Park City (11:56), 4-Whitney Rich, Bingham (11:56), 5-Sophie McDonald, Park City (12:06), 6-Britney Lund, Maple Mountain (12:09), 7-Millika Holbrook, Woods Cross (12:13), 8-Megan Gutke, Maple Mountain (12:13), 9-Makayla Morgan, Riverton (12:14), 10-Megan Robinson, Springville (12:15), 11-Caroline Weiler, Skyline (12:24), 12-Elli Eastmond, Maple Mountain (12:28), 13-Miranda O’Very, Mountain Crest (12:31), 14-Maddie Bench, American Fork (12:33), 15-Candace Greenwood, Orem (12:33).