While positive ratings for Congress’ job performance remain in single digits again this month, a school choir went to Washington, D.C., in a bid to boost their own congressional representatives' spirits. The American Fork High School Choir traveled last week over 2,000 miles and visited the U.S. Capitol.

Senator Mike Lee welcomed the nearly 150 students and chaperones on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, then headed inside for private tours given by interns from the offices of Senators Lee and Hatch.

After a picnic lunch and some photos of the students sitting at Senator Lee's desk, the choir gathered in the atrium of the Senate Hart Office Building to share their musical talents with both of Utah's senators.

A group of staffers and senators from various offices gathered to hear the renditions of "Set me as a Seal" and "My Soul's been Anchored" fill the eight story building. Senator Al Franken of Minnesota told Senator Lee, "That was just beautiful!"

"The American Fork High School choir brought a great peacefulness to the Hart building with their music," said Senator Lee. "All within the sound of their voices appreciated a few moments of calm and beauty. I thank them for taking the time to share their incredible talent."

The choir received recognition for more than just their "incredible musical abilities," according to one aide. Throughout their visit, staffers and other visitors complimented the group for their manners and respectful behavior. Senator Lee and his office said they enjoyed hosting the American Fork group and hope they plan a return visit soon.

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