Daily Herald Sponsorships

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The Daily Herald supports Utah Valley and the charities and organizations that strive to make it a better place. We are acutely aware that this year the need for support from local good will organizations has greatly increased. We want to make sure that every organization, big and small, has equal opportunity to solicit our support.

In an effort to help you with your request of support for your organization the following information has been compiled. We hope it will be informative and answer the basic questions you may have.

Michele Roberts
Director of Marketing
The Daily Herald

Daily Herald Positioning Statement:

“For active Utah Valley area families who strive to balance their time and have a need to be connected to their community and the world around them, the Daily Herald gives readers the advantage they need to make decisions to positively affect their lives.”


The Daily Herald accepts requests for financial and in–kind support from non–profit organizations with a 501 (c) (3) tax–exempt status. In–kind donations will be considered before cash–only requests. Priority will be given to organizations supported by Daily Herald employees.

The Daily Herald considers proposals that promote an ethic of active and productive citizenship within our target market, active Utah Valley–area families.

The Herald strives to fund local programs that maximize corporate donations in an equitable fashion. Therefore, we generally do not approve donations to political, strictly fraternal, or strictly religious organizations, individual’s travel expenses, athletics/band/drama organizational trips; proposals to purchase raffle tickets, or requests from national organizations.

We will support new, grassroots programs that need help with visibility in the community and encourage community volunteerism.

Donations of merchandise to an organization will be considered for fundraising.

The Daily Herald will focus on requests that fit the following categories:

Applications will be evaluated for the following considerations:

If you receive in-kind or cash donations the Daily Herald asks that you provide us with information on the success of the sponsored event. This will also be considered when additional support requests are received.

Applications will be considered as received. Applicants may expect a response within approximately 8 weeks.

Applications must first be approved by the Marketing Director of the Daily Herald and then will move on to a formal committee.

For further information please contact Michele Roberts, the Director of Marketing at:
1555 N. Freedom Blvd
Provo, Utah 84603