Mitt Romney hates Big Bird.

While telling the president he couldn't have his own facts, Romney spent 90 minutes spewing his own facts. He completely disregarded moderator Jim Lehrer's feeble attempts to remain in control, even arguing with and correcting him.

(Yes, yes, Obama had some run-ins with the truth and was only nicer to Lehrer, but that is less significant because) ...

And Romney still walked away with the roses after the first debate.

But, there's no point in dwelling on Obama's sweet little nosedive last week. Romney, fiction aside, looked like he belonged up there. President Obama, title and previous election aside, didn't. The poll numbers, "liberal" media aside, show that most Americans either like Romney more or like Obama less after the debate.

And, debates aside, the election is still 26 days away and if you think that's not enough time for more lies, more pointing fingers, more zingers and more swings of the political pendulum, you clearly have not closely followed the soap opera that is politics in the United States of America.

Let us now consider some inconvenient truths as we head into the final leg of this 5-year-long battle to be the next guy who can't fix the economy, reduce gas prices or stop crime.

• PBS is about the best thing ever to get government money -- well, that and national parks. If Romney had suggested getting rid of Congress, making them do it for free (hence the category public service) or ceasing the farm subsidies, I'm all ears. But PBS?

Let me tell you about this show on PBS called "Dinosaur Train." A family of pterodactyls raises a T-rex. They have much less in common than Ds and Rs, but they're all cool with each other. Maybe Congress could get some ideas.

• When a politician lies to you, he is subtly telling you he thinks you're lazy and stupid.

Think about it. When he makes a false statement, he is saying a) that you're not going to know it's false, and b) that you're never going to figure out it's false.

• Good men do not write people off because they are poor or need help.

• You cannot use reason with unreasonable people.

• We cannot -- I repeat, unequivocally cannot -- reduce taxes, keep or increase services and still pay off debt. I've only taken one accounting class, but I did learn that when debits exceed credits, you're in a black hole of debt that cannot be paid off unless you change the balance of the equation.

Romney's miracle budget plan includes reducing taxes, keeping many aspects of health care reform, Social Security and Medicare and increasing defense expenditures. This. Will. Not. Work.

• As long as the national debt, the tragedy in Libya, the war in Afghanistan and the economy are blamed on President Obama, they will never be fixed.

• Israel may be our ally, but that doesn't mean we should always be in lockstep. That doesn't mean we can't question Benjamin Netanyahu. All that does is blind us when they are the aggressors and make us less trustworthy to other countries.

• Voting for Obama doesn't make you a bad Mormon. Voting for Romney only because he's Mormon doesn't make you a good Mormon.

• This is literally the most critical presidential election of your life. Yes, that was true four years ago, and yes, it'll be true again in 2016, but as of right now, today, educating yourself on the issues and making an informed decision is the most important thing you can do.

• Mitt Romney may be our next president (wow, that was hard to write), but he is not a savior and he is not the solution to all of our problems. He may have solutions, in which case he has three-and-a-half weeks to stop pointing fingers, stop firing Big Bird and stop talking about how wealthy white men have a disproportionately hard time of it in America and start giving us solutions. Saying "I'm going to create jobs" does not actually create any jobs.

And, at least we have the veep debate to look forward to tonight, and there is no fear that Joe Biden will be either reserved or dignified or that Paul Ryan will be truthful. Popcorn, anyone?

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