Jim Vein

Jim  Vein


  • NameJim Vein
  • Party Affiliationlibertarian
  • Occupationbusiness owner
  • CompanyP.C.M
  • Emailjskepp@hotmail
  • Phone801-687-6983
  • Home
    po box 970893 orem, Utah
  • Zip84097


I Am Jim Vein, i am 53 years old. I am the 2nd of seven kids in our family. Growing up we lived in Calif. and Alaska, I have also lived in Washington and Hawaii.I moved to Utah in '85 where i have made my home. i have five growen children, and now i am grandpa to 4 beautiful grandchildren. Living here in Utah i have had the privilege of meeting many people that i am proud to call friends. I am always trying to find ways of helping and serving others.I have done many challenging things in my life one of which is owning my own business. because of this i have witnessed first hand how difficult it is to make a diffrence in our community and to thrive. i have also been involved in the movie industries. some of my hobbies include crafts, working on and restoring cars and fishing. i decided to run for the 4th congressional district after seeing our friends,children and others struggling because of the economy.i feel we need to have our constitutional rights to make our own decisions about the goverment. i will not play partyline politicts. some of the things i am for are education,social security, veterans, the disabled, seniors, small business, balanced budgets, and smaller goverment. I am against wasteful spending, raising taxes, foreign energy,  sending our jobs over seas, obama care. I am looking forward to representing the people and working for them! i will listen to and respect what the people want and what they have to say. sincerely Jim Vein



Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
U.S. House District 4 2012 National General

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