Gabrielle Hodson

Gabrielle  Hodson


  • NameGabrielle Hodson
  • Party Affiliationindependent
  • Start TimeOctober 15, 2012 2012-10-15T00:00:00-0600
  • Occupationanthropology professor
  • CompanyUtah Valley University
  • Phone801-735-8445
  • Home
    179 South 100 West Lehi, Utah
  • Zip84043


Dr. Gabrielle Hodson grew up in Provo as a child, and returned sixteen years ago to serve as a professor of anthropology and nutrition at SLCC and UVU. She is the mother of four children including a special daughter, grandmother of one, and holds a doctoral degree in medical anthropology from the University of Utah, studying maternal infant nutrition in desert environments, international, and national health care perspectives and programs.

"I am especially concerned about the issues of air quality, public education and health care. The air quality in Utah is one of the worst in the nation increasing birth defects, health costs and reducing our quality of life. Transparency in production processes, air quality board reformations, public education and economically rewarding our citizens for recycling behavior are all essential approaches to solving our air quality problems. Offering competitive salaries to attract the best teachers, eliminating rote memorization methodologies, offering incentives to those who propose programs that use multi-cultural diversity in curriculum, using advanced computerized technological tools to prepare our students for the future job market, and encouraging participatory group projects into the classroom setting are all vital steps to be taken to improve Utah's public education system. As an educator, I will work hard to promote these educational approaches. Utah should be leading the nation in health care as a right for all our citizens, based upon the Colorado model of a local cooperative that is managed by a private citizens board, providing reasonable salaries to physicians and other health professionals, rewarding those who have healthy patients, and penalizing those who do not, with the same level of excellent quality of healthcare being provided to all citizens who participate. We must remove the profit-oriented factor from our health care system, and disassociate employment from our ability to access health care in order to establish a system of diagnosis, treatment, and preventive measures to ensure a healthy Utah population. I am most passionate about preserving freedom, our free agency, the right to an adequate education, the right to access quality health care, and the right to breathe, so that all citizens in Utah can participate in our society without fear, preserving the natural magnificence of Utah so that all can enjoy these abundant gifts, increasing the human feelings of compassion, love, and tolerance toward each other and toward the rest of this great nation."



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