Diane Oscarson Moss

Diane Oscarson Moss


  • NameDiane Oscarson Moss
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  • OccupationAssociate Professor of Nursing
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Sales tax revenues are not what they used to be. How will you encourage commercial development in your city?

 I would first find out what kind of restrictions are keeping businesses out of our city, other than the smell. (That smell we all understand, and the city is working on it.) As for my help with the odor containment, I plan on attending all that I can of the TSSD meetings on the 3rd Thursdays at 6 PM. We have the best location in the county and we should be attracting more business. I would help to loosen restrictiveness and encourage the unbridled welcoming of new businesses! I would study city contracts, rules etc., carefully, and work with others to make these items more business friendly. I would network with current business owners/industries and look for persons/industries who are interested in new businesses in our city. I would work closely with current city administrators who are paid to bring business into the city, and do all that I can to assist them to do this.

What is the biggest issue facing your city in the next four years? How would you address it?

The biggest issue is our loss of revenue to the city and property values decreasing. I want to see the city make a plan to work on roads and sidewalks before they do any building. I do think they can remodel buildings in the city they already own and use these to accommodate the needs of the police, fire station and library divisions of the city for NOW. I feel that we need to reduce our debt, increase our revenue and use the current city property taxes, utility payments and all other income with wisdom and common sense. I do not feel it is wise to increase the burdens placed on our citizens at this time. The economy is frightening and uncertain, and building new, bigger and better at this point in time is not something I am favoring.

How would you define the role of city government? How would you fulfill that role?

I feel the role of the city government is to care for the needs of its citizens. This includes infrastructure, increasing property values and overall worth of our city. I want a desirable place for us to live and for business to come to enhance our city financially and environmentally. The city is also responsible to provide water, safety, recreation and civic opportunities to induce pride and community for our town. There needs to be a balance in all of these areas! The city is responsible for rules, regulations, zoning and other legal offerings to protect each and every citizen's rights and property, carried out with intelligence and fairness. I would work with the council to listen to the voice and desires of it's citizens first. Government should never lose site of who they are serving. I would implement a mail system where concerned citizens would opt to be on an emailing list, so weekly city meeting agendas would be sent to them to keep them informed and involved. In todays world information overload is extreme and reminding our citizens and keeping them involved and happy is a winning situation. I would work very hard learning and doing!

Is there anything else you want your readers to know about you?

 I am a diligent worker, driven, accomplished and have done much through my own hard work. I am an Associate Professor of Nursing, MSN, and have had many leadership positions in this capacity. In my nursing career I have learned how to work with and for others. I volunteer in city capacities. I have a supportive husband who a worker, teacher and has common sense. I learn from others experience, and ask questions. I am humble enough to realize that there is much to learn, and intelligent enough to have concrete ideas and suggestions. I can study and research information. I am also stubborn enough to stick with the values that I have built over the years and stand for what I believe in and what is best for all. Our children are raised, and living independently, so my time is my own. My employment encourages civic duty. I work at home often with a flexible schedule. I have time to dedicate myself to the job of city council, and the desire to do excellent work for the citizens of PG. I also am financially sound, so I can make city council my only job if needed.



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