Mike McKell

Mike  McKell


  • NameMike McKell
  • Party Affiliationrepublican
  • Start TimeOctober 4, 2012 2012-10-04T15:13:00-0600
  • OccupationAttorney
  • CompanyMcKell Christiansen, PLLC
  • Emailmike@mikemckell.com
  • Phone801-836-7597
  • Home
    642 Kirby Lane, Suite 105 SPANISH FORK,
  • Zip84660


FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY - We must live within our means and control the growth of government to ensure budget sustainability. We must be prepared and protect our rainy day funds. I will advocate for principals of limited government and fiscal responsibility and urge changes in tax policy that will encourage savings, investment and home ownership.

COMMITMENT TO UTAH CHILDREN - The Utah Constitution guarantees educational funding for Utah children. Educational priorities must focus on the student and protect the sacred responsibility of parents to raise and educate their children. Educational programs should align with the needs of business and industry and these needs should be decided at local levels. I will advocate for the continued success of our Utah children in the classroom and the partnership with industry.

COMPETITIVE BUSINESS CLIMATE - Forbes Magazine has named Utah the best state for business as “no state can match the consistent performance of Utah.” Utah must continue to champion free enterprise and support higher education offerings which align with the future needs of our economy on a local and state level. I will advocate for the continuation of Utah’s strong free enterprise system without governmental interference.

STATE SOVEREIGNTY - State sovereignty is under attack by the federal government and the need to defend the liberties of our citizens has never been more important. The restoration of the historic and constitutional balance of power between the State of Utah and the federal government must continue to be a priority for the State of Utah. I will advocate reducing dependency on federal funds and fight for increased state sovereignty.

GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY - Transparency in government is vital. Public officials must be held accountable for their conduct. Unnecessary governmental meddling and obstacles must be eliminated within state agencies. I will advocate for transparency in government and stop bureaucratic obstacles."



Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
State House District 66 2012 State General

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