“I am proud to be an American. Because an American can eat anything on the face of this earth as long as he has two pieces of bread.” -- Bill Cosby

Memphis Chicken Sandwich

at Station 22 in Provo

I can be weary of chicken sandwiches, yet this one, I crave on a daily basis. Hand-cut, house-breaded, fried chicken “served Memphis-style with a spicy butter glaze topped with a fresh slaw” placed lovingly on a ciabatta roll. You may want to call ahead to see if they’ve run out of chicken. Yup, their fried chicken is that good. I’m not kidding, about six visits out of 10 they’ve been out of chicken – I may have cried each time.

Churrasco Palta

at Pantrucas in Provo

I love the folks that own Pantrucas. As far as I can tell, they run the whole place. It feels like you’re walking into their home, they’re that warm and friendly. Perhaps that is why this sandwich is so good – it is clearly made with love! It consists of house-made guacamole, steak and tomato on homemade bread. It’s huge I tell ya.

Louisiana Shrimp Po’Boy

at Chubby’s Cafe Pleasant Grove

Crunchy fried shrimp, special sauce, slaw and tomatoes on a hoagie bun. ... This was my first experience eating a Po’Boy. I’m not really concerned if it’s “authentic” or not. It became a favorite at first bite and remains my favorite out of other Po’Boys in the valley.


Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich topped with coleslaw, with a side of smoked beans

at Five Star Barbecue in Orem

This is my ideal meal whenever I go to any barbecue joint. Five Star is ranked at the top in my book, especially their smoked beans. I’m having a hard time trying any other barbecue places in the area because my gut tells me this is the place.

Dragonslayer Burger w/ avocado spread

at Cubby’s Chicago Beef in Provo

This is my most recent find. On my first visit to Cubby’s, I didn’t expect to be slapped in the face with one of the best burgers I’ve ever had in my life. They freshly grind their beef every day. The patty itself is amazing with bleu cheese and spices, topped with a spring lettuce mix, grilled onions, tomatoes, smoked bacon and buffalo sauce. Don’t forget to ALWAYS order the house-made avocado spread atop your burger. P.S. I know a burger isn’t necessarily a sandwich, but sharing it is a must.

Please note, this list is not a ranked Top 5. Ranking these sandwiches would take a considerable amount of tasting, re-tasting, thinking, driving ... probably praying about it for crying out loud. It would definitely be fun, but neither my indecisiveness, waistline, nor my brain can handle such a task. My wish is for all who reside in Utah County to try every single sandwich on this list and we shall all live happily together.

Utah Valley Foodie is written by Janey Luper and is based on her blog by the same name. Check out her other food columns here.