Lay's search for the next great potato chip is on once again. People are invited to “do (Lay’s) a flavor” and enter their most delicious chip flavor idea for a chance to win $1 million.

I personally feel like the invention of a chocolate and peanut butter combo, while not in potato chip form yet, was the best idea of all time. Since I can’t compete with that, I thought, why not go for the “worst” flavors of all time? I’ve created a list of top worst chip flavors I think you won’t be able to argue with. Ummmmm delicious!? Let me know your favorites or what you think I overlooked.

10. SweetTarts and Spam

9. Eggs and Energy Drink

8. Pickled Artichoke

7. Licorice-laced Squid

6. Worcestershire and Watermelon

5. Apples and Onion

4. Sardines and Sauerkraut

3. Olives and Oatmeal

2. “Dill”-icious Nutella

1. Orange Juice and Toothpaste