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May 6: Boy to Marlane Jeanette and Russell McKeen Hill of Pleasant Grove.

Girl to Shealyn Lanae Herbert of Provo.

May 7: Boy to Jessica Rosibel and Jared Roberto Ocampo of Provo.

Boy to Lisa Dawn and Alan Douglas Rands of Orem.

May 8: Girl to Shauna Lynn and Michael Ryan Bassir of Payson.

Girl to Leslie K. and Michael Benjamin Larsen of Orem.

Girl to Katherine and Andrew Joseph Poulsen of Provo.

Boy to Amber Lyn Warren and Rusty Howard Williams of Provo.

Girl to Ashley Dawn Satterfield of Orem.

May 9: Boy to Kalli and Jeremy Milne Burningham of Lehi.

Boy to Wendy Kaye and Kyle Vernon McGee of American Fork.

Girl to Tammy Ann Michaud of Grantsville.

May 10: Girl to Gina Marie and Richard John Caldon of Lehi.

Girl to Camille and Wallace D. Erickson of Lehi.

May 11: Boy to Jenna Nadine Montgomery of Las Vegas.

Boy to Minako and Tochihiro Kurogi of Orem.

Girl to Amber Dorothy Campbell of Orem.

May 12: Boy to Misty Marie Heaps of Orem.

Boy to Sarah Jean and Steven Lee Carman of Provo.

Girl to Shalissa Joy and Nathan Kirk Lindsay of Provo.

May 13: Boy to Jennifer Kaye and Cameron Little Wolf Gilmore of Draper.

May 15: Boy to Lindsay Ruth and Adam Charles Bishop of Spanish Fork.

TWIN girls to Lisa and Charles William Springer Jr. of Provo.

May 16: Boy to Lori Delfina Berryhill of Helper.

Girl to Keli Urie of Orem.

May 18: Girl to Julie Delores and David William Ahrens of Provo.

Girl to Holly Ann and Justin Brent Durfey of Provo.

Girl to Gretchen Gay and Eric Alan Soderlund of Pleasant Grove.

Girl to Shelia Ann and Ryan O. White of Payson.

May 19: Girl to Tamra Lynn and Chad Ballif Knighton of Provo.

May 20: Girl to Christa and Garrett Michael Harding of Orem.

May 21: Girl to Michelle Lee and Kenneth Ray Fife II of Orem.

May 22: Girl to Cathe and Allan Stuart Cook of American Fork.

Boy to Mandy Brooke and Brent Eric Green of Orem.

Girl to Heather Ruth and David Ryan Moore of Lehi.

Girl to Kimberlee and Travis Aaron Peters of Provo.

Girl to Ana Cecilia Vizcarra Luna and Julio Vizcarra Garcia of Orem.

May 23: Boy to Jennifer and Richard Keith Atkinson of Spanish Fork.

Boy to Christina Severt of Jackson.

Boy to Diane Michelle Camarillo of Orem.

Girl to Robyn Rebecca and Ryan Ray Finch of Highland.

Boy to Marcie Lynn and Richard Aaron Green of Orem.

Boy to Cherri Lee and Daniel Mathew Hanks of Orem.

May 24: Girl to Tara Geniel and Kevin Ray Fail of Santaquin.

May 25: Boy to Carol Ann and James Edward Bowman of Orem.

Boy to Victoria Mele Hannemann and Anthony Rosario Greco of Cedar Hills.

Boy to Nichole Jolan and Kent Ronald Monson of Pleasant Grove.

May 26: Girl to Cara Rae and Chad Micah Parker of Orem.

Boy to Veronica Maria and Pablo Ariel Lamora of Provo.

May 29: Girl to Alonna Dian and Kamron Herk Grubaugh of Orem.

Boy to Kimberly Kaye and Justin Glenn Peterson of American Fork.

May 30: Boy to Julie Lynn and Robert Wayne Carter of West Jordan.

May 31: Boy to Carrie Gail and Matthew Bradford Brinton of Alexandria.


May 23: Girl to Kimberly Sue and Thomas Charles Gambles of Orem.

Girl to Monica Pimeutel and Garth Hugh Nielson of Provo.

Boy to Ryan Janine Settle of Provo.

Girl to Alisa and Jon Thomas Webb of Eagle Mountain.

May 24: Girl to Ruth E. and Ronald Arthur Agla of Orem.

Girl to Mercedez Rosario and Jorge Hernandez Jr. of Provo.

Boy to Lisa Kay and Lance William Lewis of Orem.

May 25: Boy to Elaine and Richard Tim Corbridge of Orem.

Boy to Frencesca Noelle and Isaac Abraham Gutierrez of Provo.

Boy to Marjorie Michelle and Roger Joseph Sauvageau of Springville.

May 26: Girl to Marcie Jaye and Brackon Curtis of Orem.

TWIN girls to Melissa Lanae and Brian Powell Laing of Spanish Fork.

Girl to Lisa Ann and Cameron Collin Peterson of Orem.

Girl to Sherri Lynn and Steven Walter Price of Pleasant Grove.

May 28: Girl to Misty Leigh Ann and Shay H. Hope of Provo.

Boy to Jennifer Joan and Nicholas Martin Powell of Lindon.

May 29: Boy to Rebecca Renee and Logan Thomas Allred of Orem.

Boy to Natalie Jill and Ralph Cline Christiansen of Provo.

Boy to Jessica Ann and Dustin Patrick Distefano of Spanish Fork.

Boy to Karren and Andrew Blair Hopkins of Provo.

May 30: Boy to RaeAnn and Michael Joseph Anderson of Orem.

Girl to Vathsana Khammanivong and Paul Brian Mefford of Orem.

Boy to Dawn Johnson and Michael Cyril O'Reilly II of Pleasant Grove.

Girl to Krauthip Suteerachai and Evan Wayne Richards of Saratoga Springs.

May 31: Boy to Kerrin Michelle and Rex Joseph Jensen of Provo.

Girl to Kristen Marie and Scott Chrisman Johnson of Spanish Fork.

Girl to Shannon and Michael Dennis Latham of Lindon.

Girl to Lori Hean and John Hunter Scott of West Jordan.

Boy to Aubrey Ann and Justin Ray Walker of Provo.

BORN AT HOME (Suzanne Smith, Midwife)

May 20: Boy to Alayna and Garrett Wayne Fredlund of Lehi.

May 22: Boy to Kristin Kay and Brian Lamar Jenkins of Midvale.

May 29: Girl to Rebecca Jean and Colby Don Nelson of Pleasant Grove.

Boy to Kara Elizabeth and Jonathan Daniel Sherman of American Fork.

June 10: Girl to Irina Vladimirovna Simonova and Jeffrey Blake Baxter of Provo.


May 19: Girl to Ada Christine and John Christian Bowler of Provo.

Boy to Kelly Lynn and Kevin Thoas Colby of Orem.Bo

Boy to Amy Rachael and Jonathan Davnd Hanks of Provo.

Boy to Amy Elizabeth and Jacob Alexander Jones of Orem.

Girl to Janalyn and Spencer Lee Morris of Ephraim.

Boy to Alyssa and Jacob Richard Ordyna of Provo.

Girl to Annette Keely Namoki and Fidel Hernandez Piseno of Springville.

Boy to Leah McKenzie and Edward David Simmons of Orem.

Boy to Jaclyn and Stephen Samuel Weist of Orem.

May 20: Boy to Stacie Ann Jacobson of Orem.

Girl to Carie Lyn and Kevin Duane Bush of Provo.

Boy to Callie Lynne and Benjamin Dennis Hakes of Provo.

Girl to Jennifer Nicole and Nathan Benjamin Handy of Provo.

Boy to Carol Enriqueta and Michel Enrique Mancilla of Provo.

Boy to Tiara Leigh and Typer William Perry of Provo.

Girl to Tawna Jennett and Jeffrey Allen Scott of Orem.

May 21: Boy to Kristen and Joshua Fraser Buck of Spanish Fork.

Boy to Jaime Lynette and Eric Chad Evans of Sandy.

Girl to Shannon Lynn and Dean Roger Harmon of Spanish Fork.

Girl to Natalie Marie and Brent Richard Marchello of Provo.

Girl to Janalee and McKay Patrick Marriott of Provo.

Boy to Amy Elizabeth and James Kip Marshall of Orem.

Girl to Brooke LeAnne and Jeffrey LaMar McClellan of Provo.

Boy to Dana Sue and Brandon L. Peterson of Spanish Fork.

Girl to Stella Maris and Martin Edgardo Romano of Orem.

Boy to Loni and John Michael Simmons of Orem.

Girl to Rachel Alberta Vanderhoop and B.J. Thompson of Provo.

May 22: Girl to JoAnna and Russell Mason Anderson of Spanish Fork.

Boy to Melissa Kay and William Joel Child of Springville.

Girl to Melissa Lee and Derek Richard Christensen of Provo.

Boy to Angela Lynn and Patrick Shawn Honeyman of Orem.

Girl to Kassie and Daniel Fitzallen Hunsaker of Provo.

Girl to Megan and Brandon J. Hunter of Draper.

Girl to Jamie Joy and Jarom Lavern John of Provo.

Boy to Cori Joan and Thomas Monroe McDaniel of Highland.

Boy to Amy Christine and James Bohon Osmun of Provo.

Boy to Rebecca Marie and Andrew Tyler Pinock Sr. of Provo.

Girl to Jennifer Lyn and Jeremy Kay Price of Pleasant Valley.

Boy to Elizabeth and Franklin Edward Sorenson of Orem.

Girl to Khira Jereme and Moises Villasenor of Provo.

Girl to Shelly and Greg Lewis Wootton of Orem.

Girl to Shandi Lyn and Scott Andrew Wyckoff of Spanish Fork.

May 23: Boy to Samar and Philip Toffee Boban of Lindon.

Boy to Jamie Lee Humphreys and Richard Lee Boone of Beaver.

Boy to Angela Ann and Robert Shayne Durrant of Santaquin.

Boy to Hollyana Cherise Michelle and Jared Michael Frost of Provo.

Boy to Kelly Avon and John Solomon Fullmer of Spanish Fork.

Boy to Melody Viviana Gomez and Adan Gomez-Estrada of Provo.

Boy to Cynthia and Michael Wade Harward of Springville.

Girl to Kathryn Jane and Mark Jeffrey Keith of Provo.

Boy to Allison Leigh and Kirt Kohler of Provo.

Boy to Jaime Lyn and Dean Elwodd Larsen of New Harmony.

Boy to Laura Ellen and Michael Howard Ryhtting of Orem.

Girl to Teena Rae and James Floyd Tolbert of Salem.

Boy to Ana Luisa Vivas of Provo.

May 24: Girl to Amber Rayann and Robert Adam Abel of Orem.

TWIN boys to Tara and Lance Bankhead Bott of Provo.

Boy to Brittney Colleen and David Lance Brunson of Springville.

Boy to Magan and Daniel Lee Eckstrom of Orem.

Boy to Andrea Marie and Justin Joseph Evans of Provo.

Boy to Tamara Ellen and Jacob Lerl Fackrell of Provo.

Boy to Janet Marie and Robert Gary Krum of Spanish Fork.

Girl to Lana and Robert Brett Lewis of Orem.

Girl to Bonnie Teen and Lane Curtis Martin of Springville.

Boy to Trina Lynn and Michael Sean Vickers of Orem.

Girl to Kamela Kay and William Owen West of Provo.

Boy to Matia Jo and Jared Wilson Young of Spanish Fork.

May 25: Girl to Nancy Lee and Danny Lynn Boore of Axtell.

Boy to Diane and Ryan Timothy Chatwin of Lehi.

Boy to Karen Marie and Gabriel Miles Gupton Dayley of Provo.

Girl to Mandy Gene and Corby Lynn Draney of Orem.

Boy to Courtney Brownell Bishop and Christopher Levi Johnson of Price.

Boy to Meredith An and Rodney Vernile Johnson of Santaquin.

Boy to Elizabeth Nicole and Kameron Davis Otte of Orem.

Girl to Tonya Dianne and David Kenneth Patterson of Provo.

May 26: Girl to Amber Lee and Nathan Lloyd Evans of Provo.

Boy to Elizabeth Baley and Ryan Jensen Fink of Springville.

Boy to Dacia Crystell and Jason Edward Gray of Provo.

Boy to Lisa Ruthy and Jared Elliott Marcum of Provo.

Girl to Elsa and Joshua Walker Powell of Orem.

Girl to Martha Ann Brightwell and Destin James Ross of Springville.

Girl to Guadalupe Alvarez and Miguel Angel Yebra of American Fork.

May 27: Boy to Susanna Abigail and Gared Walter Dittmar of Orem.

Girl to Kami Michele and Michael Pieter Farr of Orem.

Boy to Sonia Jayne and Jacob Henry Gale of Richfield.

Girl to Amanda Jean and Shawn Michael Hardacker of Provo.

Boy to Sharlene Nadine and Benjamin Lee Heward of Orem.

Boy to Giovanna Andrea and David Scott Hutchison of Provo.

Boy to Amber Lee and Peter Andrew Knecht of Provo.

Girl to Rachel Michele and Steven Oren Meyers of Provo.

Boy to Melisa LeeRay Erickson and Russell Stanley Thompson of Huntington.

May 28: Boy to Desiree Leigh and Jason Dean Farrer of Provo.

Girl to Amber Lynn and William James Ferre of American Fork.

Boy to Tiffany Ann Brimhall and Dave Gene Hornell of Provo.

Boy to Elise and Daniel Troy Kelson of Provo.

Girl to Nikki Jo Madsen of Pleasant Grove.

Boy to Cheree Mary and Ryan Ramsey Myatt of Provo.

Boy to Jeana and Benjamin Kirk Nielson of Provo.

May 29: Girl to Nusrat P. and Patras Bukhari of Provo.

Girl to Crystal JoAnne and Craig William Carter of Payson.

Girl to Michelle and Todd Brian Engen of Lindon.

Boy to Annette Lynn and Kevin Layne Gardner of Provo.

Girl to Kasha Michelle and David Terry Granger of Provo.

Boy to Deborah Josette and James Bryant Holm Jr. of Lehi.

Boy to Jennifer Jo and Kent Andrew Paulson of Springville.

Boy to Mary Elizabeth and Steven Patrick Timmel of Spanish Fork.

Girl to Kristy Anna Marie and Ryan Richard Tyson of Eagle Mountain.

Girl to Nicole and David Ryan Williams of Provo.

Girl to Megan Rachael and Robert Williamson of Highland.

Boy to Crystal Suzanne and Todd Wake Winger of Provo.

May 30: Boy to Kristine and David Snow Anderson of Pleasant Grove.

Boy to Jodi Lynn and John Ross Clark of Spanish Fork.

Boy to Tiffany Alair and Stephen Dangel Clinger of Orem.

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