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February 15: Boy to Ruthanne Karen Eaton and Jonathan B. Argyle of Salem.

Girl to Margaret Lynn and Richard S. Brough of Orem.

Boy to Trisha Ruth and Christopher Reed Dayton of Provo.

Boy to Carrie Lynn and Alan Scott Luebke of Orem.

Boy to Guadalupe and Oscar Salamanca of Provo.

Girl to Jennifer Lynn and Duane Earl Wilson of Orem.

February 16: Girl to Carly and Chad David Shimmin of Spanish Fork.

Girl to Cynthia Michelle and Richie Dell Smith of Spanish Fork.

Boy to Rachelle Lyn and Daniel Norman Swenson of Pleasant Grove.

Girl to Jonalyn Beth Red Bird and Gilberto Vega of Provo.

February 17: Girl to Angie and Christopher Lee Berry of Spanish Fork.

Girl to Diane Lisa and Arnold David Cooper of Springville.

Girl to Jennifer Sue and Jeremy Gene Hiatt of Orem.

Boy to Donna Eileen and Todd Lawrence Huffman of Spanish Fork.

Girl to Kecia Dawn and Claudio Andres Legay of Provo.

Boy to Malinda Maree and Andres John Mullen of Cedar Hills.

Girl to Jessie Lynn and Cory Brandon Rice of Provo.

Boy to Terri Leigh and Calvin Douglas Smith of Provo.

February 18: Girl to Jennifer Lynn and Scott Michael Andersen of Orem.

Boy to Kristen Cole and Matthew Ross Buckwalter of Provo.

Girl to Sarah Ruth and Ryan Allen Ekins of Provo.

Girl to Kristina and Raymond Fairbanks Hardy of Provo.

Girl to Joann and Richard Kevin Montensen of Helper.

Girl to Stephanie Mae and Gavin Troy Parkinson of Orem.

Girl to Brook Dianne and JayDee Vernon of Provo.

February 19: Boy to Erin Michelle and Ralph Jason Barnes of Provo.

Boy to Brandy K'Lynn Davis of Orem.

Girl to Lindsey Ann and Adam Dean Heaton of Orem.

Boy to Melissa and Ty Edward Metcalf of Saratoga Springs.

Boy to Kristal Lee and Christopher Douglas Peck of Lehi.

Boy to Debra Fernandes and Randall Eugene Peterson of Orem.

Boy to Lila Marie and Jacob Dryden Wight of Provo.

February 20: Boy to Ashley Michelle and Ryan McKay Blair of Provo.

Girl to Nansi Jesus and Francisco Roberto Altamirano Nunez of Provo.

Boy to Lauren and Roberto Arturo Castro of Provo.

Girl to Jessica and Tyler Abram Chlarson of Santaquin.

Girl to Sandrine Gina and Daniel Allan Hudgens of Heber.

Girl to Ruth Ann and Scott Lane Potter of Provo.

Girl to Wendy Leigh and Reynaldo Rojas of Provo.

February 21: Girl to Lori and Thomas James Ford of Moroni.

Girl to Sheri and Roy Henry Gappmayer of Lakeshore.

Boy to Krista and Ryan Keith Holdaway of St. George.

Girl to Maria Rosario Razo and Miguel Ramirez of Orem.

Girl to Tiffany Marie and Gilbert Sidney Stewart Jr. of Orem.

Boy to Darcy Ann and Robert Steven Thomas of Provo.

Girl to Mariela and Rosendo Villanueva of Provo.


February 2: Boy to Diana Michele and Aaron Keith Mildenstein of Provo.

February 21: Girl to Clarissa Ann and Joseph Ross Stockwell of Alpine.

February 23: Girl to Heather Fay and Hayden John Williamson of Provo.

February 25: Boy to Wendy Anne and Jeremy Woolley Hoop of Lehi.


February 12: Girl to Tennille Nicole and Willie Joe Bennett of Orem.

February 14: Girl to Sara Nicole and Reuben Justus Clark of Provo.

Boy to Mary Ann and Benjamen Patrick Dahle of Provo.

Boy to Juliet and Granville Corbett Cross Jr. of Springville.

February 15: Girl to Kimberly Sue and Russell David Jones of Provo.

Girl to Cori Mae and Michael David Voegele of Lindon.

February 17: Girl to Traci Michelle and Taylor Robert Gosman of Provo.

Boy to Maria Kay Kimber and Daniel Robert Parsons-Hirst Sr. of Provo.

Girl to Katrina Leigh and Clark Alan Wiscombe of Mapleton.

February 18: Boy to Elaine and Curtis Arnold Bateman of Springville.

Girl to Wendy Ann and Jefferson Clark Pope of Provo.

Girl to Taryn Melanie and Christian Peter Thomsen of Orem.

February 19: Boy to Madelyn Marie and Michael Jon Mendenhall of American Fork.

Girl to Laura Perez and Antonio Ortega of Orem.

Girl to Chalise Trey and Mark Andrew Seipert of Lehi.

February 20: Boy to Dana Monique and Michael Darrell Hadley of Provo.

Boy to Annette Lyons and Joel Steven Lyons of Springville.

Boy to Amber and Danny Lynn Stone of Payson.

February 21: Boy to Katrina and Samuel Walter Mcknight of Provo.

Boy to Bonnie and Steven David Curtis Oman of Provo.


February 18: Boy to Janet and Gregory Richard Barton of American Fork.

Girl to Julie and Paul Dee Beckstead of Lehi.

Girl to Tanya Kay and Lance Andrew Conrad of Provo.

Boy to Rae Lynn and Ward Eldon Draper of Lehi.

Boy to Stacey Lennette and William Erven Forsyth of Lehi.

Girl to Charity and Brandon Rick Lee of Orem.

Girl to Mican Denielle and James Christopher Mason of Lindon.

Girl to Allison Jane and Christopher Todd Mower of Orem.

Boy to Melinda and Kenyon Mitchell Watkins of American Fork.

February 19: Boy to Allison and Larry Brian Bess of Orem.

Girl to Nicole and Brent Michael Dougal of Provo.

Boy to Janis and Anthony James Hutcheon of Saratoga Springs.

Girl to Julie M. and Kyle Jonathon Wells of Lehi.

February 20: Girl to Carmela and Salvador Alcantara of American Fork.

Boy to Jody Marie and Douglas Michael Graham of Highland.

Boy to Jodi and Ryan Dean Hall of Saratoga Springs.

Boy to Heather Jean and Jeremy Michael Petrus of Orem.

Boy to Karen April and Adam William Smith of Orem.

Boy to Shannon Lynn Sorensen and Ryan Craig Hirsche of Provo.

February 21: Girl to Doris DeAnna and Trevor Black of American Fork.

Boy to Rachel Eileen and Travis Colledge carpenter of American Fork.

Boy to Kimberly Jean and Matthew Tyler Dawdy of Lehi.

Boy to Julieann and Ronald Wayne Foggin of Lehi.

Girl to Jessicca Marree and Robert Glenn Giles of Lehi.

Boy to Lisa Gaye and Jonathan Preston Hyatt of Eagle Mountain.

Boy to Cathryn and Rosemberg Salgado of Spanish Fork.

Boy to Amber Rebecca and Jeffery Ryan Wolf of Provo.

February 22: Boy to Alejandra and Jose Roberto Rivas of Lehi.

Boy to Natalie Dianne and Dylan Patrick Smith of American Fork.

Girl to Kathryn Elizabeth and Daniel J. Thompson of Provo.

February 23: Boy to Angela and Michael Thomas Drake of Lehi.

Girl to Sherie Lee Davis and Paul Lopez-Ortiz of Provo.

Girl to Emily Kathleen and Brian Neil McFadyen of Orem.

February 24: Girl to Stephanie Lynn and Roger Max Chapple of Provo.

Girl to Jenny and Chad Steven Devlin of Lehi.

Boy to Lori Lynn and David Vincent Duke of Pleasant Grove.

Girl to Jill and David Cole Einerson of Pleasant Grove.

Boy to Kelli Jean and Hunter Lewis of Highland.

Girl to Lynsey Lane and Jack Louis Sneddon of Lehi.

February 25: Boy to Natalie Joyce and James Lee Adamson of Pleasant Grove.

Boy to Anna Lee and Chad Russell Allred of Lehi.

Girl to Jill Lucille and Brian David Bowen of Pleasant Grove.

Girl to EvEllen Joy and Nathan John Harris of Provo.

Boy to Jessica and Michael Jesse Webber of Payson.

February 26: Girl to Crystal and Benjamin Mason Yancey of American Fork.

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