Gov. Huntsman's 30-year passion

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May 16, 2008 12:00 am  • 

It was immediately clear, after only speaking for a few moments, that Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. was a motocross junkie. He was hooked. We spoke about a variety of things over the course of our interview but even our discussion of his recent trek to watch the moon rise over Utah's red arches didn't elicit the emotional tidal wave that the most minuscule mention of motocross did. I could write about the details of his favorite bikes, favorite pro riders, favorite riding experiences, or his deep desire to one day get up the courage to do a full frontal flip, but that would just mire you down in uninteresting minutia. It was Huntsman's total love of the sport that caught me off guard. Every time he would discuss the influence of motocross on his life he just beamed. Not that politician smile that we all get to see in his polished public speeches, but a real down to your toes, honest to goodness smile. He couldn't control it. And it was contagious.

As he detailed the impact of motocross on his understanding of passion, commitment and dedication I couldn't help but feel his excitement transfer to me. It was clear that his enthusiasm for motocross had brought his relationship with his boys closer and given him a much-needed emotional escape when he was overwhelmed. It was visibly his not-so-secret passion and a lifelong love affair.

The governor confessed to late-night listening of the speed channel to stay up on the races, even when his schedule was packed, and always sneaking away to see his sons race on the indoor track in Heber City. His recollections made him smile that full blown, can't hide it if you try, I'm totally in love…smile. And I couldn't help but really like him in those moments.

I left the interview pondering what would happen if we all could find that one thing that causes us to fill up with uncontrollable joy to the point that our smiles touch our toes…how great would that befi That thought led me to the realization that we can. We can all, no matter what (age, size, income), start today in the pursuit of our own personal love affair…in fact many of us already have.

With that said, I would like to challenge you all to get out there right now and find your passion! wants you to find something that touches your soul and ignites your enthusiasm for life when you pursue it. Go out there and bike, run, skate, ski, whatever! Just find it. Find the fun!

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