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Make an owl towel for your little one

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Editor's Note: This article was previously published Nov. 12, 2012.

Whoooo likes hooded towels? I do! Or at least I LOVE making them. Have you tried any yet? I have lots of ideas for you here. I can't believe just how cute these newest hooded towels turned out!

Owl Hooded Towel Pattern and Tutorial

Owls Hooded Towels Tutorial

I have such a thing for owls-who doesn't? They're just SO cute! So when a friend had twins last week I thought a set of hooded owl towels would be perfect for her one boy and one girl combo. I hope she loves them as much as I do! These almost rival the cuteness of the dragon hooded towelfrom last month. I don't know which I like best! Want to make some owl hooded bath towels of your own?

What You Need:

1 bath towel (pick any color-owls of all colors are cute!) 1 coordinating hand towel Small amounts of white, black, orange fabric Small amount of accent color fabric for behind the eyes Small amount of heat and bond  

Owl Hooded Towel Tutorial:

This hooded bath towel is made just like all of my hooded towels. I go into the greatest detail on the hooded frog towel, so if you need more help, I would recommend looking at that tutorial. Start out by cutting your hand towel in half. Fold the finished edge of the hand towel under about 3-4 inches, pin it in place and stitch it.

Owl Towel Pattern

Now, flip it over so that you are working on the underside. Cut out your eyes-you simply need 3 circles for each eye. One small one for the eyeball, a larger one for the white part and a slightly larger for the outer. Use any color you want for the outer. Adhere the eyes to your heat and bond and then place them where you want them on the towel and iron them in place. Now, using a tight and small zig zag stitch (applique), stitch around each part of your eye-the eyeball, the white, and the outer ring. Cut out your beak from your orange fabric. It just needs to be a little triangle. I used a soft plush because I had some on hand. Use that, use a towel or just use fabric, anything is fine. With right sides together, sew your beak on two of the sides of the triangle, leaving the bottom of the triangle open. Turn right side out. Pin your beak in place and zig zag it unto your owl. Here's a close up of what the owl face should look like:

Make your own owl hooded towel

Using your leftover hand towel piece, cut out 4 little ear pieces. Again, just little triangles. Do the same thing you did with the beak-sewing two sides of the triangle and leaving the third side open. Turn right side out. Now, figure out just where you want these little ears on your towel and cut a small slit and slide your unfinished edge of the ear into the slit. Turn the head inside out so that you are working on the underside and zig zag the slit closed, catching the bottom of the ear in it. It should look like this:

Hooded Towel Pattern

Snip off any excess ear on the underside. Now, fold your towel in half with the face on the inside and zig zag up the raw edge to form the hood:

Make a hooded towel how to

Keep your hood inside out and turn it so that it is laying like this and sew a straight line across the top of that tip (this is going to round out the head of your owl instead of making it pointy) and snip off the tip: Now, turn it right side out and you should have a cute little owl face. To sew it onto your towel, first find the center of the towel. Then make a little pleat like this:

DIY hooded towel

Now, center your head along that pleat and zig zag it in place, sewing the full length of the bottom of your head: Owl baby gifts And you're done! Have I mentioned how much I love this little guy? How to make an owl hooded towel (pattern) Like this? Be sure to check out other hooded towels:

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