Repurpose that oversized t-shirt

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The other day the hubster and I had the chance to see the Astros play the Braves. My husband is a HUGE Braves fan so he was pretty excited.

Unfortunately, even though we’ve been to numerous Braves games, I have never gotten a t shirt to be able to support the team. BUT my husband did have an extra shirt that was way too big for him. So I decided to put my sewing skills to work. :)

So in order to do this you will need an oversize t shirt, thread, and your sewing machine. Oh and scissors. Here is the before:

t shirt makeover before

You like my stereotypical ugly before picture? I felt it was necessary.

Ok so turn our t shirt inside out. Find a fitted tee that you like and turn it inside out. Trace the shirt. Now, this shirt was so big that my entire fitted tee, sleeves and all, fit into the torso part. So I made a tank top shape based on my fitted tee.

t shirt to a fitted tee

Sew the sides together. Make sure not to sew the arm holes together! Cut the excess off. Now fit the existing sleeves to the new fitted tee. I had to sew the bottom of the sleeve a little smaller. Then just pin how you want. I wanted cap sleeves so I pinned them that way. Sew the sleeves onto the shirt.

And that’s it! You’re done! Super super easy. And here is the after, all ready for the game.

shirt makeover after

What do you think? I’m pretty excited about it. Go Braves!

Brittany is a stay at home mom to two beautiful girls. When she’s not busy chasing them around she enjoys creating things and sharing them at My Decoupaged Life.

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