From the Web: Meteor in job interview

2013-09-04T14:58:00Z 2013-09-04T16:47:12Z From the Web: Meteor in job interviewJanice Peterson - Daily Herald Daily Herald
September 04, 2013 2:58 pm  • 

In a down economy, a running dark joke is that the world will end just as you are about to get a job. For a group of job-seekers in Spain, that fear became a reality.

In a video made by LG, a high-definition television set is put in the wall and made to look like a window looking out over the city. When the innocent interviewees enter the room and start talking with the interviewer, they see a meteor come across the "window" and hit the city below.

Whether or not this video is staged is hard to tell, especially since it is in Spanish. But it has certainly gotten the attention of the Internet world. Check out this hilarious video and judge for yourself.

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