And baby makes 3: Family planning on another Leap Year baby

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February 29, 2012 12:20 am  • 

HIGHLAND -- If all goes well, J. Cameron Kesler, will enter the world sometime today -- a potential third generation Leap Year baby. Mother Camille Freeze Kesler and grandfather Bill Freeze were both born on Feb. 29.

"The odds are 1 in 14,000 that you will be born on Leap Day," Freeze said. "The odds of Camille and I being born on Leap Day is 1 in 2 million.  I have no idea what the odds are for a third generation."

The Freeze phenomenon got closer to reality Saturday as Kesler passed her delivery due date.  

"I knew my due date was Feb. 25 and I'm overdue. Now it's a family effort."

Kesler is wise on how to play the baby delivery game. Once her baby was past the due date, plus knowing Leap Day was just four days off, she started using her training to stay calm and rested so she didn't go into labor. Kesler is a labor and delivery nurse at St. Marks Hospital in Salt Lake City.

And maybe because the baby is a boy, or fate, but this is Kesler's fourth child and first who wasn't born early. Kesler has three daughters and all of them delivered two to three weeks early.

"This has been very mental for me," she said. "Even Nancy our dog knows something is up."

Kesler's mother Linda Freeze said, "I was also overdue with Camille. It just so happens my water broke on that day. It was luck."

The Freeze family has been sort of a novelty over the years with friends and family and the media. After all, it's not every day a 15-year-old grandpa has an 8-year-old daughter giving birth. If their birthdays came up every year, Freeze would be 60 today and Kesler would be turning 32.

CNN covered their birthday four years ago and is standing close to the phone to hear about baby Cameron. Kesler's sister Amy Freeze flew in from New York City for the event. She is an ABC weather anchor and hopes to have her new nephew and family on "Good Morning America."

It's always a party on Feb. 29, and the Freeze family make the most of it, jokes and puns included. 

"I can get my driving permit now," Freeze quipped. "When I'm 18 [72], I'll be able to vote."

It's not always easy to be born on Feb. 29, Kesler said. 

"Facebook doesn't acknowledge our birthday," she said. "It was hard to buy something online because of that."

 The payoff is that on the off years the birthdays can be either on Feb. 28 or March 1 and many times they just carry on for both days. Both Freeze and Kesler say many of their friends over the years remember them when Leap Day rolls around.

"In 2008 I got 50 emails from friends. It makes up for not being acknowledged the other three years," Kesler said.

If all goes as planned, Freeze will be carrying on the family tradition today of celebrating with a gigantic birthday bash. Kesler, who will hopefully be celebrating with baby Cameron in the hospital, hopes to Skype into the party from there. 

No matter when the baby arrives the family agrees, this is the best Leap Year present yet.


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