Like race cars entering a pit stop, cyclists pulled up to tables where they proceeded to scoff down as many sugar-glazed doughnuts as possible before peddling quickly back out onto the seven-mile course at the Tour De Donut in American Fork on Saturday.

Each doughnut deducted three minutes from a competitor's time, leading some to spend more time eating than peddling the total of 21 miles.

It's all strategy and stomach.

Rinsing glaze off with water and smashing up to four doughnuts together to eat at once helped some riders up their count and cut down their times considerably.

"It's a food eating contest with some biking in between," said James Perry, of Team Infinite Cycles. Perry's finishing time of 1:15:18 was knocked down to just 21:18 after he bravely devoured 18 doughnuts in between laps.

Other riders took it easier on the sugar. Jeannine Hale, of West Jordan, who only consumed three doughnuts throughout the whole race, was still finishing her last mouthful while approaching the eating station for the second round.

While racing a bike and slamming sugary food may seem like torture to some, all competitors survived and faced the challenge with a smile as they raced and ate for a good cause. All proceeds from the race went to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.