After much hype including a video hoax, Flash owner Brandt Andersen couldn't put together a dream rematch between Michael Jordan and Bryon Russell.

A video purportedly showing former basketball great Michael Jordan eating at Mimi's Cafe in Orem came under scrutiny after an employee at the restaurant said that the man in the video was a Jordan look-alike.

Andersen had invited the two to play a game of 1-on-1 at tonight's Utah Flash home opener against the Dakota Wizards. Russell challenged Jordan to a game of 1-on-1 after remarks that Jordan made about Russell during his Hall of Fame speech. Andersen said he would pay the winner of the challenge $100,000 for the charity of his choice.

At the game Monday night, fans booed when the look-alike trotted out on to the court at halftime.

The video, posted on YouTube Monday morning, shows a man eating at Mimi's Cafe in Orem, with bodyguards on either side of his booth. The title of the video is "Michael Jordan in Provo, Utah." It is taken from across the room, so the image of the purported Jordan is small.

Utah Flash contacts would not confirm or deny whether Jordan was actually in town for the challenge. Jordan had not stated whether he would be involved with the challenge or not.