PROVO -- About 300 brown trout were found dead in the Provo River Tuesday morning.

The fish were found in the river from Paul Reams Wilderness Park to where the river intersects with 970 West, a stretch of river about 500 yards long. According to Chris Crockett, Native Aquatics Biologist for the Division of Wildlife Resources, there were about 300 brown trout, a few white fish and other smaller fish, like mountain suckers, found dead in the river.

Crockett said that Tuesday afternoon there were no immediate clues as to what might have caused the fish to die. He says there were no signs indicating a chemical spill and that the stretch of river is generally shady, which decreases the chance that the fish died from lack of oxygen in any overheated water.

The DWR collected samples of the water and fish and will be testing them to determine what caused so many fish to die. Crockett says because of the timing it is unlikely the fish died because of June suckers.

"We are pretty concerned about the loss of browns because people like to recreate and fish in the area," Crockett said.

Crockett also says that this serves as a reminder to those living near or recreating on the river to be careful.

"We want to remind people to be cautious as to what they are doing around the system," Crockett said. "It could have been something natural, but this is just a reminder that we all live downstream."

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