PROVO -- The odds of having a baby born on Leap Day is one in 1,461, but the odds of having three babies born on consecutive Leap Days are less than 1 in a billion. David and Louise Estes of Payson beat those odds and became only the second family on record to have three babies born on Leap Day when Jade was welcomed into the world Wednesday morning at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

When the couple had their first child eight years ago it was pure accident that Xavier was born on Leap Day.

"When we were thinking about having our third baby I joked that if we got pregnant right now we could have another Leap Day baby," Louise said.

Although Louise meant it as a joke, Remington was born Feb. 29, 2008. This time around David and Louise planned to have their fifth baby as close to Leap Day as possible.

"I approached her in October of 2010 and said 'If we are going to have another baby this would be really cool,' " David said.

"I wanted to give her time to think about it and since we know the time line it worked out," he said.

Even so, having Jade on Feb. 29 was never a sure thing, in fact she was due Feb. 24. Louise says all of her pregnancies have been induced, and when she was overdue they chose to have the baby the 29th.

"I have never gone over so I wasn't sure if she was going to wait," Louise said. "As soon as we passed midnight I knew it really, really could happen."

David says although three of their five children were born on Leap Day they work hard to make sure each child has their own special celebration.

He says the extended family usually has a large celebration for everyone's birthday around that time and this year Remington and Xavier got their own special birthday cakes and celebrations. Although Louise has spent each of Xavier's and Remington's birthdays in the hospital she says they still take time to celebrate before or after the fact.

"We always make sure to celebrate their fourth and eighth birthdays in a big way," Louise said. "It is a milestone for everyone."

The Estes's are tied for the record of most children born on consecutive Leap Years. The Henriksen family of Norway are the only other family on record with children being born on Leap Days -- in 1960, 1964 and 1968.

David says it is up in the air if they will try to break the record four years from now.

"Right now the answer is obviously going to be no but you can't be sure," he said. "You never know if in four years we will be talking about it again."