When a Springville teenager wanted more heroin, her grandmother drove her to a drug dealer, a police report states.

As the girl used the narcotic, the grandmother “supervised.” According to the report, Deanna Thorn was arrested Monday for endangerment of a child and charges related to drugs for helping her granddaughter consume heroin.

The report states that Thorn and her 15-year-old granddaughter live together in a Springville home that was recently searched by police. Following the search, the report states, the granddaughter told police that she uses five to seven balloons of heroin a day. Her grandmother drives her to Lehi daily, the girl reportedly added, in order to buy the drugs.

During her own interview, Thorn claimed that her granddaughter uses heroin to cope with pain in her knees. Thorn also reportedly described in detail the process her granddaughter uses to consume the drugs. Thorn’s bail was set at $2,500.