Eureka City Council handles a variety of items at October meeting

Eureka City Council met in regular meeting with Mayor Allen Hortt Carter presiding. Council Members present were Jay Evans, Joseph Bernini and Gary Boswell.

Others present at the meeting were Dianne Elliott, Elizabeth Fuell, Lloyd E. Conder, Lyman Davis, J. D. Rosenbaum, David Bird, Libby Faulk, Paula Schmittdiel, Suzanne Carter, David and Lucy Waite, Fred Kelso, Linda Hope, Kurt and Brandy Montgomery, Bob Fife, Bruce Nielsen, Larry and Jeri Ezell, Bill Hansen, Karen Baum and Laura Kirgan.

The Minutes of the September 18, 2006 meeting were accepted as well as the Treasurer's Report, and Claims against the City were presented and voted on to pay the bills. Mayor Carter read the Minutes of the Planning Commission meeting held on October 4.

Mayor Carter said that June McNulty had contacted him concerning the roof on the old city hall leaking. He has pictures of the areas that are leaking. Brian Underwood is over having the roof repaired. They need to look at the contract for the roof repair to see about a guarantee on the work performed.

The location of the dump was discussed. The Council and the Mayor will look for a spot.

Paula Schmittdiel with the EPA gave an update on the work they have accomplished this past month and on work that is still in process:

They did more asphalting. She said the asphalt spreadsheets are estimated costs. They are waiting for the invoice on the actual cost of the asphalt, but in a few cases, the asphalt they estimated as square footage ended up that the quantity was more. They had to expand out and will have costs at the November meeting. Some of the areas have not been completed, but they have put a possible completion date on the spreadsheet. She said they will have Eagle Street closed off for a couple of days.

They have put Deprizin Street shoulder on hold, and deferred the East Jarvis shoulder until next year. Jarvis/North Leadville has also been deferred until Grant Loader gives access permission.

The meter for Dolinar Well broke in July. They have been estimating usage based on trucks filled. They will get someone out to look at well. She said that they will coordinate with city.

They have finished first draft on the Shea Building and they are reviewing it.

Fred Garbett contacted her concerning sewer backing up on a line the EPA had put in by Dillon Higgs trailer. Mayor Carter said they would review the tapes when they come back to see if anything shows up.

Brandy Montgomery and Laura Kirgan inquired if the city would lease them property by the water tank to put their horses on. Mayor Carter asked when the contracts were up. He said that he had not looked at either Bill Riley's or Tim Hannifin's land lease agreements so he was not aware of the expiration dates or what was included in them.

Hannifin just renewed his lease so his is good until next year. Riley does not currently lease that area from the city; he is just using it.

The Kirgan's and Montgomery's need a conditional use permit to have horses. City Recorder Bigler said the city has only issued one Conditional Use Permit for horses. The city could have theirattorney draw up a land lease agreement, and the city would require them to fence the property.

Karen Baum inquired if she could get an extension on the cleanup of her yard. She said their truck broke down and they are in the process of fixing it, but it has put their cleanup on hold. Mayor Carter said if they are actively involved in cleaning their yard, the city will not do anything. Baum also wanted to know if Gary Boswell was the person to talk to on the cleanup or the whole council. Carter said it was best if the whole council was involved.

Baum also wanted to know how much of their yard was considered a nuisance. They have cars they are working on to restore that are worth a lot of money. She said that a lot of cities have areas set aside for the purpose of storing excess vehicles, trailers, etc., and suggested that the city look into making a place to park their vehicles, they could have the residents sign a contract to make it so the city would not be liable for items on said property if anything should happen.

The council will discuss it further, and check any legal aspects.

Elizabeth Fuell had question about parts vehicles. Mayor Carter said that is the biggest problem. Everybody has too many vehicle parts. He suggested getting all the useable parts off of the vehicles and get rid of the vehicle.

Jeri Ezell inquired if it counted if you moved the junk or debris from the middle of the yard to lining it up neatly.

It was mentioned that the residents need to take pride in their community. We have a beautiful town and should not have to be asked to clean up our yards.

Ezell also wanted to know if birds were included in the animal ordinance.

A discussion was held on the animal issues in Eureka. Carter said they had discussed the county building an animal shelter or all of the other smaller communities contracting with Nephi, but Nephi does not want to.

Larry Ezell asked if county money helped build the kennel in Nephi.

Gary Boswell said it really helps when citizens come to council meetings if they have concerns, it helps the council to become aware of the problems in the community, and it also helps get the community get more involved.

Mayor Carter said the city knows it is a serious problem but until they can come up with the funding to help the city enforce some of these issues or can contract with either the county or one of the other communities, there is not much they can do. The Sheriff's Office is having the same problem, they have picked up animals, but have nowhere to impound them if Nephi won't take them.