SARATOGA SPRINGS - Given the chance, Dell "Superdell" Schanze is going to reduce waste, return taxes to residents and buffer the city of Saratoga Springs from the state and federal government.

Schanze filed his declaration of candidacy for mayor of Saratoga Springs on July 6, vowing to set up the free market in the city and save residents from the slavery of taxes. The current people in office in the city are part of the problem in the country, he said, supporting Communism in America.

"We need to get them out and we need to get real Americans," he said.

According to Schanze's declaration of candidacy, he will run for mayor under the name "SUPERDELL Schanze." He also listed a Salt Lake City address on the form, but city recorder Lori Yates said Schanze also has an address in Saratoga Springs. Schanze asked to keep the address private, she said, and the Lieutenant Governor's Office allowed him to use his Salt Lake City address for the form.

As mayor, Schanze said he would help make Saratoga Springs the most beautiful city in the world, where people will travel from all over to visit. He would increase revenue into the city and eliminate wasteful spending, he said. Schanze said the city has police officers who are paid to do nothing, and assistants have their own assistants.

"In every single area, there's waste of what they're doing," he said.

Schanze said the city currently gets its revenue from the "millions of laws" that residents can be charged under and convicted of a crime. Police give tickets to people driving 5 mph over the speed limit in order to generate money, he said.

"Right now, the Saratoga Springs Police Department seems to be a profit center," he said.

Schanze is no stranger to the legal system in Saratoga Springs. He is currently charged with several traffic violations in connection with a traffic stop in Saratoga Springs. He was originally charged in Orem with reckless driving, seat belt violations and carrying a concealed dangerous weapon. The gun charge was dismissed, and the remaining charges were refiled in the Saratoga Springs justice court.

The police, Schanze said, make money by harassing people like him, and the charges will be proof to the voters of the terrorist tactics the police use.

"I should hope so, yes," Schanze said.

The mayoral race will be Schanze's second bid for office in recent years. He ran for governor in the last election, but was beat by Jon Huntsman, Jr., 78 percent to 3 percent.

This race should be different, because the "anti-Christ" media will have a hard time spreading lies to his friends and family in Saratoga Springs, Schanze said. The race will be local, so residents will know the truth about Schanze, he said. Although it is easier to lie to people around the state, he said, some people may still be swayed.

"It's still a challenge, because I'm going up against Satan's angels in the media," he said." target= "_blank">Discuss this story on our readers forum