The national Republican party is looking to enlist its members in Utah County to help the party take back control of the U.S. Senate in November.

The GOP has opened a new call center in Provo to enable volunteers to contact undecided voters in key Senate races throughout the country in this year's elections and ask them to vote Republican. 

"What the national party is doing is utilizing the resources here in Utah to push forward the conservative voice across the country," said Steve Jackson, the director for the call center. 

That means Utah Republicans may be able to play a role in Arkansas, North Carolina and Louisiana, assisting the party in key elections taking place in those states. The Republican party needs to pick up an additional six seats this November to regain control of the Senate. 

Jackson said he couldn't say why the Republican party chose Provo for a calling center location, but did reveal the success of the Orem call center created in 2012 to help with the Mitt Romney presidential campaign was a factor in having a center again set up in Utah. 

State Party Chair James Evans called Utah County the "heart of the Republican party" when he spoke April 12 at the party's county convention. He said because of the density of Republicans in the county it was advantageous for the party to have the center located here. 

The new call center, which opened at the end of March, is located at 249 N. University Ave. and has 24 call stations for volunteers to use. They are instructed on how to handle the calls, and Jackson said he hopes they will stay for a two-hour shift but are welcome to stay longer or shorter. 

Phone calls are going out of the center from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Jackson said walk-ins are welcome at the center, but it was preferred that a person or group RSVP to him prior to coming. Those interested can email him at:

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