Nationally syndicated Liberty Roundtable at home in Utah County

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A blind American Fork resident is the host of what may be Utah County's only nationally syndicated radio talk show.

Sam Bushman has been in the radio business for 15 years, first as the owner of KNAK in Delta for a decade, and now as the owner of Liberty News Radio which is syndicated in Florida, Tennessee and Oregon as well as two Utah stations, AM 1480 KHQN and AM 540 KNAK.

Bushman is the host of Liberty Roundtable, which airs from 6 to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. "Hard-hitting news the networks refuse to use" is the show's motto.

The father of eight children, ages 2 to 17, Bushman says the growing popularity of his program comes from his ultra-right political slant.

"Our views seem kind of radical, but if you put it in context of the Federalist and Anti-federalist papers, you begin to find out we are in great company," Bushman said. "I just go along with the Founding Fathers. I consider them my mentors."

His talk show features a roundtable of guests "that talk about God, family and country," Bushman said. "We use the supreme law of the land, the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence as our blueprint for liberty. The whole focus of the show is to return us to the Constitution and principles of liberty. We talk about the news items of the day."

Whatever you may think of Bushman's views, he has been getting some national attention. The radio industry magazine Talkers recently named Bushman one of the top 250 radio hosts of 2010. Locally, he has been the recipient of an Eagle Forum media award.

In broadcasts this month, which are all archived and available online at, Bushman takes on a range of topics, often focusing on his opposition to various federal and local policies. He calls public schools "government indoctrination centers for the youth" and has said there should be no mandated drivers education classes. Rather, it should be up to parents "to teach children to respect others, and there will be fewer crashes," Bushman said during a recent broadcast.

He opposes National Public Radio because it is taxpayer funded, lambasts Wall Street as "making money hand-over-fist at the average American's expense" and espouses returning to the gold standard as the solution for the nation's financial woes.

He has also warned Glenn Beck fans that "you don't just follow a charismatic leader off a cliff," and he also takes on civil rights.

"Do I hate gays and lesbians?" Bushman said rhetorically in a recent broadcast. "Of course not, but I don't want them to push their agenda on the rest of us." Bushman said homosexuals are "making a wrong moral choice" and that he speaks out of concern that "gay rights will be used against heterosexual marriage."

The broadcasts are occasionally rough around the edges, slowed by the odd technical glitch, or sometimes difficult to understand because Bushman tends to rush breathlessly through a paragraph of stock phrases at the top of each show.

"The news guys will say the federal reserve is trying to decide whether to spend one or two trillion to prop up economy," Bushman said. "What is not said by the mainstream media is that the real answer is to not spend the money. The real answer is to go back to gold and silver. Ezra Taft Benson called it honest money. That was what currency was supposed to be. No one is talking about that choice C, but it is the real answer to getting us out of our current fiasco."

Bushman said his core audience "would be the Constitutionalist, the patriot, the conservative person."

For information on Sam Bushman's Liberty Roundtable radio show, or to listen online, visit

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