LEHI -- Mayor Howard Johnson may have fallen in the primary election, but he is back up and running for the final race in November.

He declared himself as a write-in mayoral candidate by the Monday deadline, 30 days before the general election. Filing a Declaration of Write-In Candidacy form with the city recorder for the municipal election means that write-in votes for the candidate will be counted.

Former Mayor Ken Greenwood, who received 799 votes in the primary, and Bert Wilson, who had 1,013, will be on the ballot as the mayoral candidates while Johnson will ask voters to write his name in for mayor.

He and two other north Lehi residents, Kaelene Marsden and Edward James, will be running as write-in candidates as a team according to Johnson. Marsden and James are running for the two available council seats against incumbents Stephen Holbrook and Johnny Barnes, as well as candidates Kaye Collins and Gordon Miner.

"We kind of did it together," Johnson said of their declaration. "We just felt like we had to do it."

He said they wanted to "strategize a little bit" and combine their resources for their campaign. As to why they were running, Johnson dodged the question.

"I don't know whether it's congratulations, condolences, or 'you knucklehead,' " he said. "I've already been called that a few times for doing this."

The Lehi mayor said in a September interview he was surprised when his constituents voted him out of office in the primary, losing by 312 votes. He said he felt he lost because of voter apathy outside of the city's downtown neighborhoods.

"My perception is Greenwood and Wilson did a good job of getting their people out and that is basically those people in the downtown area," Johnson said. "I think my strength was more in the outlying areas and they didn't really come out to vote."

How he, Marsden and James plan to encourage voters to get out for the next election will be some of the strategy they will talk about together tonight. He said he could not disclose anything more about his new campaign until Thursday.

"That's a good question. If you keep that until tomorrow night, I'll be better able to answer," Johnson said.

Neither Marsden or James could be reached for comment.

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