Thanksgiving Point opened its latest hands-on exhibit, Tinkering, to members for an exclusive preview on Wednesday. The exhibit features various activities that encourage participants to innovate items to be tested in scientific experiments. This includes using sticks to make music with spinning bicycle spokes and dropping items into a wind tunnel. Lorie Millward, curator of curiosity and inquiry at Thanksgiving Point, says that the unique exhibit makes for a rich learning environment.

"It's just a place where you can come and choose your own experiences," Millward said. "I think that really makes it exciting and engaging."

Kelly Gibson and his family visited the new exhibit Wednesday night. Together, they tested the effect trajectory has on paper airplanes.

"It's pretty awesome," Gibson said of Tinkering. "This is a way we can all learn together."

Tinkering will open to the public on Monday. Designed by Exploratorium in San Francisco, the traveling exhibit will call Thanksgiving Point for the next year.