Mountain View Corridor map

This Utah Department of Transportation map shows the plans for the phase of the Mountain View Corridor project that will begin in fall 2017.


A 2.5 mile, two-lane road connecting 2100 North to State Route 73 will begin construction in about one year.

The road is one phase of a much larger project, the Mountain View Corridor, which will eventually be a north-south freeway connecting Interstate 80 in Salt Lake County to Interstate 15 in Utah County.

Three miles of 2100 North was the first phase of the project in Utah County, and has already been completed. A 15-mile section of the corridor is also complete in Salt Lake County, from 5400 South to Redwood Road.

Because the road is completely new, most people will not be inconvenienced by the majority of construction on this phase of the project, said Eileen Barron, communications manager for the Utah Department of Transportation, region  three.

The new roadway will begin at the intersection of 2100 North and Redwood road, and go around the west side of the Harvest Hills subdivision in Saratoga Springs before connecting at the intersection of SR 73 and 800 West, which is also known as Foothill Boulevard.  

There will also be one connector road that ties the new road into the Harvest Hills subdivision. But overall, Barron said those living in the area should experience minimal inconvenience. 

“During construction, there is always the possibility of some dust and noise,” Barron said. “We do put mitigation measures in place such as using water trucks, and being cognizant of what hours work is being done.”

The main time people will probably notice the work being done is when work is done at those intersections to help the new road tie in, but that work probably will not begin until 2018, Barron said.

Right now, UDOT expects the new road to be functional by the end of 2018.

This road is the first of three phases. During the second phase, this two-lane road will become a one-way road, with another one way, two-lane road being built going the opposite direction. During the third phase, those roads will become frontage roads and a freeway will be built between them.

Once functional, this phase of the project should relieve some of the traffic congestion that is currently handled by Redwood Road on the east side of Harvest Hills.

“So this initial piece isn’t a permanent fix to the traffic, but this will alleviate some of the traffic moving from SR 73 to 2100 North,” said Joe Kammerer, program director for the Mountain View Corridor.

Future phases of the project, he added, will alleviate traffic from major corridors in Salt Lake County such as Bangerter Highway, I-15 and SR 111.

For the next year before this phase of the project starts, UDOT will be finalizing design plans, then finding a contractor to complete the work.

This phase of the project is hoped to help keep up with the population growth in northern Utah County.

“There will be some congestion relief on Redwood Road,” Barron said. “At the same time we’re adding infrastructure, we are also continuing to see growth. So it may not be real noticeable, but it is going to provide another option.”

Barron said for planning purposes, 2040 is the year UDOT is going off of for completing the entire Mountain View Corridor Project. However, phases will be completed as there is need and funding is available. 

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