A mass of fat created some traffic difficulty for several drivers near the mouth of Provo Canyon late Saturday afternoon.

Slip sliding away, motorists found 150-200 gallons of animal lard smeared across U.S. Highway 189 was as difficult to navigate as an icy road.

The situation forced the closure of the highway's westbound lanes.

Utah Highway Patrol troopers said they suspect the globular mess came from a truck transport.

The investigation into who spilled the fat is ongoing.

"There are no further updates on the animal fat spill. I'm still trying to get information but it appears we don't have any information," said Jesse Valenzuela, UHP weekend public affairs officer.

With freezing temperatures, even for fat, the road surface became a slippery mess exacerbated by drivers who continued to further smear the mess on the road with their vehicles.

Westbound U.S. 189 was closed for approximately an hour slowing traffic to a crawl and the slow pace continued past 5:15 p.m. when the lanes were opened.

Troops diverted traffic onto 800 North while crews spread salt on the road with the intent to provide traction for drivers on the highway. The work took several hours to complete.