Two Salem Hills High School football players were suspended on Tuesday following an alleged hazing incident that took place at a football camp in Millard County at the beginning of August. School administration and district officials learned about the hazing on Monday, after someone spoke to a Salem police officer about the incident.

The Millard County Sheriff's Office is conducting the football camp investigation, because the summer camp and hazing took place there. According to a Millard County Sheriff's Office press release, two boys will be charged with lewdness in juvenile court.

"We take this so seriously," said Lana Hiskey, spokesperson for the district. "We are glad someone came forward, even this late after the event."

During the investigation, an alleged incident involving other Salem Hills football players and a female student was brought up, though no suspensions have been issued and an ongoing investigation is continuing.

"As soon as the Salem Hills High administration learned about the hazing, they started bringing kids in and investigating," said Hiskey. "The problem was, none of the students would talk."

Nebo School District has policies to deal with bullying, hazing and retaliation.

"We are hoping there won't be any retaliation," said Hiskey. "It has been be very difficult to get students to come forward and talk about what really happened because of this."

Following Millard County's investigation, the proper action will be taken, Hiskey said.

"We want to keep our students safe," said Hiskey. "We will investigate any allegation that is brought to us."