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UTA will not be running trains, buses on Christmas, New Year's

2012-12-22T00:20:00Z 2012-12-24T14:04:07Z UTA will not be running trains, buses on Christmas, New Year'sBilly Hesterman - Daily Herald Daily Herald
December 22, 2012 12:20 am  • 

Those hoping to use UTA's commuter rail service on Christmas or New Year's Day will need to find an alternative.

UTA has announced that FrontRunner, along with all the buses, will be taking the day off on those days to allow employees to enjoy the holiday.

"This will be one of the few days of the year that we don't operate anything but the ski buses," UTA spokesman Gerry Carpenter said.

Carpenter noted that while the ski buses in other areas of the state will run on the holidays, the ski bus to Sundance won't be in operation as UTA has found that there isn't a high demand for the Sundance service on those days.

FrontRunner and the buses will run regular schedules on Christmas Eve and return to regular operation the day after Christmas.

On New Year's Eve there will be extended late night service for those hoping to catch FrontRunner from Salt Lake City back to Utah County. One train is set to leave Salt Lake headed south at 12:16 a.m. New Year's Day, while another will depart at 1:21 a.m., and then the service will shut down for the day.

According to Carpenter preliminary numbers are showing that ridership is higher than expected on the newly opened FrontRunner south line that runs from downtown Salt Lake to Provo.

Early expectations were that the line would have about 6,800 riders per day. UTA is showing that in the first week the south line had more than 7,800 riders during the first week of operation.

"That isn't surprising," Carpenter said. "When a new line opens it usually starts out high and then settles into a pattern."

UTA's biggest day so far for FrontRunner was Dec. 15. More than 15,000 people boarded the trains to catch a ride to see the lights or go shopping in Salt Lake City. In the past UTA has averaged only 6,000 riders on Saturdays.

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