BLUFFDALE - Rumor has it that Utah County was annexing the NSA Utah Data Center. Not true.

National Security Agency public relations Vanee Vines said that wasn't happening.

"The rumors are not accurate," Vines said.

There is some basis to the rumor, however. The Utah Data Center is in Utah County and always has been.

What really happened was the Utah Data Center was picked up as a customer in July by the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District in Salt Lake County. Earlier this week processing of the paperwork made it officially official -- the Utah County Recorder's Office received the Lt. Governor's certificate of approval for the Utah Data Center's annexation into the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District.

"That has been officially annexed to the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District. July 8 was when the Lt. Governor's office officially approved certification of the annexation," Utah County Surveyor Gary Ratcliffe said.

He said the district's annexation process is different than a county or city annexing property into its jurisdiction. A receipt of the Lt. Governor's certified approval is given to the county recorder's office as the final step in the process.

"The recorder would have gotten the receipt of that within the last few days," he said.

The annexation doesn't mean the National Security Agency is annexing out of Utah County but does mean the data center has become a Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District customer. Within the Bluffdale city limits, the center joins Bluffdale as a customer of that particular water district.

"The annexation that we saw wasn't really an annexation on land," Utah County Recorder Jeff Smith said. "They do it by a means that is called an annexation but it's not the same type of annexation that moves property into counties and things. It's an annexation where they pull you into a district where they supply water, fire, different types of services and then your taxes are raised accordingly to that mill levy rate."

Since the data center is in Utah County, a portion of the Utah County property tax would go to the center's water district. The NSA Data Center will probably pay a usage fee but may not have to pay a tax since it is property of a government entity, Utah County Clerk/Auditor Bryan Thompson surmised.

"They are adjusting their boundaries to match up with the Utah Data Center properties," Thompson said. "They have to be within that district in order to use the water."

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