PROVO – A Daily Herald news story went viral Tuesday after readers began posting, tweeting and emailing links about an Orem woman who bought out a store’s supply of T-shirts to keep them off the street.

Judy Cox and her 18-year-old son were shopping Saturday at the University Mall in Orem when she saw a display of shirts in the window of a PacSun store. The shirts featured pictures of scantily-dressed models in provocative poses.

Cox complained to the store manager, who passed along the complaint to PacSun’s corporate offices.

But Cox would not be pacified. To ensure that the “offensive” images were out of sight, she bought the entire stock of $28 shirts, shelling out $567.

"I thought this would be a nice local story for Orem,” Cox said. “I was hoping someone may speak out. Clearly I didn’t think it would go this far."

The story first appeared on Monday morning and quickly spread to news organizations around the world.

“This did things. One, I wanted to get those T-shirts out of the mall,” Cox said. “Two, I wanted someone to feel empowered.”

Cox said after the Herald story started to get out, she was contacted by several news outlets and she will be interviewed Wednesday morning on the Laura Ingram show, which is broadcast to radio stations nationwide.

She also said she has been contacted by United Families and Women for Decency, both national organizations.

Cox said she spoke with Greg Stevens, Orem city attorney, on Tuesday. She said Orem city manager Jamie Davidson and Mayor Richard Brunst were there as well.

“(Stevens) told me the feelings at the Supreme Court level aren’t much in our favor and to be aware,” Cox said.

Before the attorney could rule, Cox first had to make a complaint with the police, which she said she did. Then they have to determine if it is rises in importance to forward on to the city attorney.

“I’ll be bothered if they’re not willing to move it on to the city attorney for his determination,” Cox said.

Regardless, the story has risen in importance to garner support from many like-minded people who sent Cox congratulations via Facebook, email and comments on the website.

“This is one of those stories that you get from talking to people in the community,” said David Kennard, executive editor of the Daily Herald. “I admire people with courage, willing to take a stand on issues important to them.”

On Monday, the story collected about 8,500 page views, with an additional 27,500 page views by Tuesday evening, garnering requests for republication at, Newsday, and social media outlets such as

The Today Show posted the Daily Herald’s story in their lead position Tuesday afternoon and said they plan to run the story during the 9 a.m. ET Wednesday broadcast.

Watch for more on this story as it develops.