Beehives and Buffalo Chips, 6/18/11

2011-06-18T00:02:28Z Beehives and Buffalo Chips, 6/18/11 Daily Herald
June 18, 2011 12:02 am

Buffalo Chip to Provo Municipal Council for ambushing homeowners by unexpectedly proposing a property tax increase. This month Mayor John Curtis spoke at two public meetings and defended a draft budget that held the line on taxes (though it did raise a number of utility rates). The threat of a tax hike seemed to be held at bay, at least for this year. Then the council dropped a bomb Tuesday night by voting for a budget with a 16 percent property tax hike. Council members say they have been discussing it at retreats for months. But they've been remarkably shy about saying anything in public. The sudden unveiling of the increase will only fuel suspicions that the council is trying to ram this through before resistance can jell.

Beehives to Alpine School District staffers who pitch in over the summer to help students keep their reading skills sharp. And they did so enthusiastically. For instance, elementary school supervisor John Patten not only brought a Curious George book, he dressed in a yellow shirt and pants to go with a tall, yellow straw hat, like the man in the beloved children's books. "I think one of the reasons I want to be involved in things like this is that as educators we want kids to be life-long learners, which means reading during the summer," he said. "What better way to keep learning than to read good books during the summer?" He's got that right.

Beehive to the war veteran who commemorated Flag Day by giving a flag that flew in Afghanistan to local Boy Scouts of Troop 1196 in Cedar Hills. Warrant Officer Jerrold Patterson, of the 19th Special Forces Group of the Utah National Guard, has served three tours of duty and been wounded in action. He obtained a flag that had flown over a base in Iraq -- a genuine symbol of what keeps America free. "We are going to take the flag to Scout camp," Scoutmaster Brett West said. "I almost hesitate to use it because of its significance, but it has been a working flag and we will be proud to fly it." Long may it wave.

Beehive to sponsors and partners who made it possible for Eagle Mountain to build a playground accessible to children with special needs. That includes SelectHealth, Intermountain American Fork Hospital, Vivint, Geneva Rock, CR England, Big T Recreation, The Ranches Master HOA, Eagle Mountain city, Big-D Construction and Lowe's of Lehi. Good job!

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