Beehives and Buffalo Chips, 6/25/11

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June 25, 2011 9:09 am

Beehive to Lindon and Provo for showing a commitment to communicating with the public. The Sutherland Institute recently ranked city websites by how transparent and easy to use they are. Lindon got an A-plus. Add a bit of honey to that Beehive because Councilman Mark Walker, administrator Ott Dameron, and recorder Debbie Cullimore succeeded in quickly revamping the city’s website to rebound from a D in preliminary ratings. In the rankings, Provo’s A-minus is a testament to its ongoing stance in favor of openness.

On the dark side ...

Buffalo Chips to Utah Valley cities that, according to the Sutherland Institute, have websites that are noticeably murkier than they should be. Pleasant Grove earned a D and, as of this writing, has kept it. Those of you from back in the day when parents considered a C to stand for “crummy” will understand why C-minus drags Alpine, American Fork, Santaquin and Springville into the Buffalo Chip zone. Online communications are now essential: Cities should strive to make their sites as informative and easy to navigate as possible.

Beehive (tentative) to Cedar Hills for lowering the property tax rate for the 2011-12 fiscal year. Mayor Eric Richardson, the city council, city manager Konrad Hildebrandt and his staff deserve kudos for working hard to wring savings out of the spending plan, while maintaining city services. One cautionary note: The approval comes with a plan to revisit the proposed budget in 90 days, which seems to leave the door open for change. They shouldn’t undo their accomplishment.

Beehive to Madee Profit, 13, and other friends and Cedar Hills neighbors who organized a 5K and 1-mile fun run to benefit little Jessie Reynolds, who has leukemia. The benefit is part of the Cedar Hills Family Festival today. Those who missed the race can still aid leukemia patients by going to to find out more about bone marrow transplants. This is all just one more reminder of how much people in Utah Valley do for one another.

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