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July 13, 2013 9:30 am  • 

Provo City has been working hard to clean up panhandling on Center Street and they are now considering options for ordinances to fight the problem that they say still exists. One of their options would make it illegal to hand money out of your car window to a pedestrian while in a lane of traffic.

This option brings up several questions, one of which is how will this be enforced? If you do hand money to a panhandler, what will be your punishment?

Another question raised by one of our readers was how this will affect other groups who collect money roadside, like firemen during their "Fill the Boot" campaign. Will handing your money out the window in that situation be illegal as well?

Provo's city law clerk, Brody Wight said that another concern is that once everyone knows the new law, panhandlers will just move to new locations and to neighboring cities, perpetuating the problem throughout the county.

But Provo says, panhandling is a health, safety and welfare issue.

Police spokesman Lt. Matt Siufanua said, "It is clear that pedestrians who walk into a roadway are a hazard. Center Street, which has been cleaned up well, is where they actually blocked traffic."

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We want to know what you think. Should Provo make it against the law to hand money out of your car window to a pedestrian? Comment below or vote in our poll.

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