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September's Top 20

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According to an arrest report, Dr. David R. Hillam was arrested on three counts of forcible sexual abuse, all second-degree felonies, as well as four counts of lewdness.

Worth noting a couple of days before the big game.

A police news release didn’t give any details about the age or sex of the child, the address where the accident happened or the kind of gun involved.

Is your Facebook page worth a million bucks? That might be the case for Provo resident Angie Layton, who’s about to be beamed into living rooms across America on the newest season of “Survivor.”

The Cougars had three players named Independent Players of the Week. Senior quarterback Riley Nelson and junior tight end Kaneakua Friel took Co-Offensive Player of the Week honors, while junior punter/kicker Riley Stephenson was recognized as the Special Teams Player of the Week.

Cade Myles Krueger was driving on Brigham Young University campus in 2010 when he plowed through a crosswalk and killed Jessica Raylene Wilson. Now, almost exactly two years later, prosecutors have charged him with homicide, saying he was texting while driving.

When the kids were found, police obtained a key to their family’s apartment. Stephania Chavez, 21, met officers at the door of an “unkempt” room strewn with dirty diapers and empty beer cans.

Thousands of participants took the plunge on Saturday and are still cleaning mud out of nooks and crannies after running in the Dirty Dash at Soldier Hollow. With options to run either a 5K or a 10K, participants, mostly from either Utah or Salt Lake counties, dressed up in outlandish costumes and dived into mud pit after mud pit to reach the finish line.

If starter Riley Nelson is hurt, then offensive coordinator Brandon Doman suggested after that James Lark would be next in line.

One day after a small child died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound authorities confirmed that the child’s father is a police officer.

The official website said the church “does not prohibit the use of caffeine.” A day later, the wording was changed, saying only that “the church revelation spelling out health practices ... does not mention the use of caffeine.”

Frontier recently emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is currently in the process of looking for new investors.

Columnist Jason Franchuk ruminates.

Broch DeGraff, 27, was arrested after two victims were identified from Liahona Preparatory Academy, an LDS-themed school.

Tesha Credille is a beautiful, kind, talented cheerleader who is the most popular girl in the senior class. And she has Down syndrome.

James Lark’s college career has been defined by waiting followed by more waiting.

Democrats from all over the United States plan to gather for the first national LDS Democratic Caucus meeting. “Hopefully it will be a big splash,” said Craig Janis, outreach director for the LDS Democratic caucus in Utah.

Pictures of twin toddlers on potty chairs in the middle of Thanksgiving Point’s deli last week went viral.

Many students at Brigham Young University are working to change a campus policy that’s as old as the school itself — no caffeinated beverages.

BYU had a chance to win the Boise State game with its best unit around.




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