Bring back good principles of accounting

2012-10-03T00:04:59Z 2012-10-03T00:48:54Z Bring back good principles of accounting Daily Herald
October 03, 2012 12:04 am

Business requires independent audits and regulation to assure that humans adhere to good business practice. Back in '92, as Booster Club President for Provo High School, I had the privilege to zero out our little booster account at the end of the year by signing over a $15,000 check to the then high school principal. Fortunately we understood the principles of good accounting and handled it accordingly. The whole process was based on trust. No one audited us and we had no concern that the high school principal would not use the funds exactly as they were intended. But if it had not been, who would have known?

Evidently by their own admission the potential for a serious problem still exists. Even though good principles of accounting have not changed somehow they are being ignored by more than just those folks at Timpview. Are our Utah Public School District administrators and board members really so naive to think that a standardized statewide policy backed by law on donations to public schools is not needed?

Just having a state model policy not backed by law will continue a hodgepodge of interpretations and variances which may be unfair and that creative minds will interpret to suit their own purposes. They seem to have confused the popular angst against an over-controlling central government with the need to not have the fox making the rules for managing the chickens.

Ed Trammell, Provo

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