The biggest weakness of conservatism is its tendency to despair.

As in the current wailing about Afghanistan.

Conservatives need to gird their loins. It's a lousy place to fight. I'm sure the troops would rather be deployed to the French Riviera. But you fight where the enemy is. That's where they are.

We're surrounded by evil men who want to destroy us. The only chance for Western civilization is to fight back, and win. And we"> can">win.

Here's where we need leadership. Look at  successful  leaders in times of conflict: Lincoln, Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, Churchill, Harry Truman, Reagan and, yes, George W. Bush. And his dad, to a lesser extent. They didn't quail, they didn't whine, or mope. Given a challenge, they responded.

Of course, it seems we don't have such a leader now, but maybe Petraeus can take up the slack.