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About Utah Valley Regional Medical Center Heart Services

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center is a level II trauma center. Other programs of excellence include the Heart & Vascular Services, the Newborn ICU, Cancer Services and Stroke Services. Other quality services include: Emergency, Critical Care, Neurosurgery, Women's and Children's Services, Weight Loss Surgery, Behavioral Health, Hyberbaric Medicine and the Utah Valley Rehabilitation Center.

Intermountain Healthcare treats more heart patients and physicians perform more heart procedures at our hospitals than all other Utah healthcare organizations combined.
Heart Care at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center is designed to meet the needs of heart patients through a team approach of coordinated care that is provided by highly skilled doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, dieticians, social workers and exercise therapists.
This team, combined with the latest in advanced technology helps us to provide the best care to our patients.
Utah Valley Regional Medical Center is a referral and trauma center for all of Utah County as well as central and southern Utah. Those with a medical need will find the best possible care in a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services. Patient comfort, healing and safety are the highest priorities for the hospital and all caregivers who work there. The following services are provided:
Cancer Services The Utah Valley Cancer Center at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center strives to deliver unsurpassed cancer care to the residents of Utah Valley and surrounding area and offers the latest advances in chemotherapy, radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging.
The center is approved by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. The center, with its team of caregivers, is dedicated to community cancer care. Our range of advanced treatments includes surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and access to clinical trials. The center's convenient, modern facilities enable patients to undergo treatments close to home while delivering high quality care. The center also offers patients the latest advances in cancer prevention, detection and diagnosis. Through an interdisciplinary effort, composed of physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals, the Utah Valley Cancer Center provides cancer care for a wide spectrum of cancer types to its patients.
Additional Services Include:
External beam radiation
Linear accelerator with multi-leaf collimators
Electron beam radiation
Superficial radiation (skin cancer treatment)
Brachytherapy services
3D conformal radiation therapy
Intensity Modulated Radiation
Therapy (IMRT)
Image-guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)
Permanent seed prostate brachytherapy
Social workers
Support groups
Utah Valley Regional Medical Center can also help arrange temporary lodging for a very minimal cost to family members of patients being treated. The Intermountain Family Guest House is located on the campus of Utah Valley Regional.
Cancer Prevention & Screening
Where to Get Cancer Screening Exams
Your primary care physician can advise you about cancer screens and perform most screening exams. Some screening exams, such as mammography or colonoscopy, are performed by specialists:
Screening & Early Detection
You can't prevent cancer, but you can protect your health by detecting cancer early. Cancer screening exams help ensure that any existing cancers are identified at their earliest, most treatable stages.
Most cancers are easier to treat when they are found in their earlier stages and screening tests can often detect cancer before symptoms develop. You can find more information about prevention and screenings from Cancer
• Skin Cancer - Non-Melanoma
• Soft Tissue Sarcoma
• Stomach Cancer
• Testicular Cancer
• Thymus Cancer
• Thyroid Cancer
• Urethral Cancer
• Vaginal Cancer
• Vulvar Cancer
Cancer Tests & Treatments
Intermountain Healthcare uses advanced cancer treatment techniques and technologies combined with caring, highly trained cancer specialists. The result is medical outcomes which are significantly better than the national average. Intermountain Healthcare cancer experts are national leaders in advancing the use of intensity-modulated therapy.
da Vinci Robot
The new da Vinci robotic system at Intermountain Medical Center is one of many excellent treatment options for prostate cancer.
Gamma Knife
Gamma knife technology allows physicians to treat brain tumors and cancers of the head and neck without surgery and without a scalpel.
Linear Accelerator
Cutting-edge linear accelerators benefit patients by helping medical experts deliver enough radiation to a moving tumor to eliminate it while minimizing the amount of healthy tissue that's exposed to the radiation.
Complementary & Alternative Medicine
A variety of complementary therapies are available to promote wellness. Some patients can enhance their quality of life by integrating complementary with conventional therapies.
Find a Cancer Specialist
Cancer care may involve receiving treatment from a variety of different specialists and choosing the right cancer specialists for your specific situation is important.
Specialists with training and expertise in the treatment of cancer:
Medical Oncologists - (Hematology/Oncology) are internists with training and experience in the treatment of cancer. They coordinate patient care from diagnosis through the course of the disease, assisting with pain and symptom management. When needed, they prescribe chemotherapy and other anti-cancer drugs.
Radiation Oncologists - provide radiation therapy treatment such as brachytherapy and image guided radiation therapy. They develop and prescribe cancer treatment plans and monitor patient progress.
Surgeons within certain specialties remove or treat specific cancers:
General Surgeons - provide the majority of cancer surgery including breast cancer, colorectal cancer and others.
Urologic Surgeons - focus on prostate, kidney, adrenal, bladder and testicular cancers. They also are involved in the medical and surgical treatment of the urinary tract in both men and women as well as the reproductive tract in men.
Thoracic Surgeons (Cardiovascular) - treat diseases of the chest including coronary artery disease as well as cancers of the lung, esophagus and chest wall. They also treat abnormalities of the great vessels and heart valves, birth defects of the chest and heart.
Neurosurgeons - specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of brain cancers. They also treat other disorders of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and spinal column.
Orthopedic Surgeons - generally specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of bone cancer and surgical or non-surgical conditions affecting muscles, joints, and bones.
Gynecologic Oncology Surgeons - specialize on surgery of ovarian, endometrial and other gynecologic cancers.
Otolaryngology Surgeons - specialize in treatment and surgery of the ear, nose and throat as well as head/neck cancers.
Plastic Surgeons - provide reconstructive surgery following cancer treatment.
Patient Support & Survivorship
Dealing with cancer, as with any life-threatening disease, is physically and emotional trying for patients and their loved ones.
Genetic Counseling
Social Support & Counseling
Support Groups
Survivor Stories
We offer programs and services specially designed to help meet the needs of everyone affected, and work to treat the whole person - not just the disease.
Behavioral Health - Services we provide include outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment as well as confidential assessments, referrals and intervention education.
Diabetes Management Clinic - The Diabetes Management Clinic is an award-winning center tailored to patients with diabetes.
Emergency & Intensive Care- 24-hour treatment, seven days a week, for all types of acute medical and trauma conditions, including emergent trauma injuries.
Hearing & Speech Services - The Speech and Hearing Department provides assessment and therapy services to children and adults who have a variety of speech and language complications.
Heart Services - Heart Care at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center is designed to meet the needs of heart patients through a team approach of coordinated care that is provided by highly skilled doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, dieticians, social workers and exercise therapists.
Imaging Services - We use electronic image capturing, distribution, interpretation and report delivery to ensure optimal service and convenience for our patients.
Laboratory Services - We are committed to providing timely and accurate laboratory services for patients and physicians.
Sports Medicine - Utah County athletes of all levels now have easy access to the best healthcare possible for their active lifestyles. Utah Valley Sports Medicine is now an official affiliate of TOSH - The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital.
Surgical Services - Surgical Services provides a full spectrum of services to patients.
Weight Loss Surgery - The Utah Valley Surgical Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive, long-term solution to morbid obesity and its effects.
Women's & Children's Services - As a woman moves through life, she goes through many healthcare changes. At Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, we offer care for every stage. Our physicians, nurses and other caregivers are experts in all women's needs. For years, we have been one of Utah's leaders in obstetrics and gynecology, labor and delivery and preventive care.
Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine - Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides 100 percent oxygen to patients under pressure, helping heal damaged tissues, reduce swelling and improve circulation.

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100-Day Heart Challenge - Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

100-Day Heart Challenge participant, Brooke Frost, recounts her experience improving her heart health with …

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100-Day Heart Challenge - Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

100-Day Heart Challenge - Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
100-Day Heart Challenge participant, Brooke Frost, recounts her experience improving her heart health with 14 other women in Utah. The Challenge is a fun competition, sponsored by Utah Valley Regional Medical Center (Intermountain Healthcare), where 15 women, selected through an application process, compete to see who can make the greatest improvements in her heart health. Women's risk factors (weight, BMI, waist measurements, cholesterol, etc.) are recorded both at the beginning of the challenge and at the conclusion of the 100 days. The woman showing the greatest improvement in these areas wins the challenge (along with a bunch of other great prizes). For more information, visit www.utahvalleyregional.org or call 801.357.7227.