Brady: An inspiration in life and death

September 08, 2010 9:47 am
Brady Thompson

A life to remember

Brady Thompson inherited a unique arrival into the world of his Lindon family, so it was only appropriate that he receive an equally singular send-off.

Brady Thompson

Brady's legacy lives on

We will miss Brady Thompson. But this unforgettable young man, who died last week at age 18, has given the Utah Valley community much that will endure. The Lindon youth was struck with a mysterious malady when he was 3. He began suffering repeated seizures, often hundreds a day, devastating his health. But not his spirit.

Brady Thompson

A legacy of inspiration

When then‒15‒year‒old Brady Thompson made the decision to put himself in hospice care on Jan. 9, 2007, doctors gave him six months or less to live. Brady fought through those six months – and tacked on another 1,152 days to the tally before finally succumbing to the rare, debilitating illness that caused him to suffer hundreds and up to a thousand seizures per day. Brady, 18, died Friday morning at his Lindon home.

Brady Thompson

Brady gets his Eagle

The flashing lights and siren were hardly noticeable when the fire truck drove through the Lindon neighborhood. The hundred people standing on the sidewalk could only see Brady's smile. It was ear to ear.

Brady Thompson

The Greatest Gift, One Year Later

“Hi, Dad. Call me back. Bye.” That was the latest clear voicemail Darrell Thompson received on his cell phone from his 17‒year‒old son, Brady. As Christmas Day arrives, the 45‒year‒old Lindon plumbing contractor has expanded his collection of messages from Brady ‒‒ a practice he started last year because he was never sure when it might be the last one.

Brady Thompson

The Greatest Gift

This project was initially conceived as the opportunity to follow one youth’s passage through hospice care. It was designed to record Brady’s final six months – or less – and the emotional journey of a family losing a child a little bit at a time. Along the way, however, we not only learned that Brady lives at his own pace – he dies at it, too.

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