ALLEN: How I got to sit courtside at the Jazz game in the owner's seats

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January 07, 2012 12:57 am  • 

∫ The Daily Herald's Sports Copy Desk Assistant Diana Allen was invited to be a special guest of Greg Miller, owner of the Utah Jazz.

Around 10:30 a.m. Friday morning I received a voicemail that would make the biggest of Jazz fans dreams come true. My friend left me a frantic message that Greg Miller, the owner of the Utah Jazz was trying to get a hold of me. In shock, I listened to the rest of the message to discover that I had been invited to be Greg's guest at the Jazz game that night against the Memphis Grizzlies.

I was given Greg's personal assistant's phone number and was told to get a hold of her immediately. Listening to the message a few times trying to make sense of it all, I remembered the number and made the call that would start my dream night. After learning the details of what would happen Friday night, questions began to arise in my head, why was I invited, how did Greg Miller even know of me, was this just an elaborate joke?

Greg (@GreginUtah) invited me and two other fans through his twitter account to go to the game. I am normally always online but Friday morning I was not. When I was finally able to get online I came home to the tweet invitation by Greg and many many other mentions, emails and Facebook messages telling to get a hold of Greg. Thank goodness one of my twitter friends had my phone number so I that I got the message in time, since I was unable to be online when the invitation and direct message from Greg were sent.

At 6 p.m. myself and the two other invited guests met Greg for dinner. I, through bad luck was running late and couldn't arrive on time. When I arrived at the ESA, I was greeted by a friendly ticket-taker who was assigned to give me my ticket and take me to Greg. We had dinner in the Lexus Club room. Greg immediately teased me saying he wondered if I even wanted to come tonight since I was so hard to get a hold of in the morning and then being late for dinner. We all laughed but I guaranteed him, that there was no other place I'd rather be, that this was a dream come true. Greg was very friendly and easy to talk with, answering all our questions and showing interest in our lives. At the end of dinner the three of us were given silver Jazz music note lapel pin. Once again, I was in shock, dinner and the game were more than enough to remember the night by, but here we were receiving a gift.

Now the big moment had arrived, the game. We followed Greg into the arena and took our places on the front row. On my "sports fan bucket-list" the top item was to sit courtside at a Jazz game and here I was fulfilling the top thing on my list!

It's amazing what a different game it is being that close to the action, the players are bigger, they are faster, they are more talented than can ever be conveyed on TV or even higher up in the arena. I was in awe, that I could hear the players, referees and coaches talking throughout the game. I was the lucky fan of the three of us that got to sit next to Greg during the game. I enjoyed hearing Greg cheer on his players, get upset at refs for bad calls, and generally just show love and excitement for the team that he own.

Greg and I had great conversations throughout the game everything from his favorite game of all time (Game 5 of the 1997 Finals with "the Pass" from Stockton to Malone), to this year's team and of course Jimmer.

The Jazz won the game Friday night which was just the icing on the cake for the most amazing night thanks to Greg Miller for this Jazz fan.

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