LLOYD: BYU football Top 25 Countdown to Camp about to start

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July 06, 2014 6:00 am  • 

It can be good to be a VIP.

In business, they get the best parking spaces and the luxurious offices.

In entertainment, they get the biggest dressing rooms and the royal treatment.

In politics, they get standing ovations after every sentence of their speeches and their own security detail.

Yes, there is no doubt that being a VIP has its perks.

But as I start marking off the days until the BYU football team kicks off Fall Camp on August 1, I'm going to look at VIP as a different acronym:

Very Impactful Person.

Every season, success and failure hinges on what is achieved (or failed to achieve) by a certain select group of individuals -- and not necessarily the ones who get all the publicity and attention.

Over the next 25 days, I'm counting down the 25 individuals who I believe will have the biggest impact on BYU football in 2014.

Even as you read this, you've probably thought of a half-dozen no-brainer selections. Maybe you've pinpointed a name or two that you doubt I will recognize who you think will be crucial.

I hope you have. I hope you've even begun compiling your own list in your head to compare to the one I unveil over the coming weeks.

But remember, this countdown isn't about talent, so just because you think Cougar transfer Nick Kurtz will be the next Jerry Rice doesn't necessarily mean he will make this list.

Statistics, star power, even media infatuation may be indicators of what an individual will do -- but they may be misleading and overhyped as well.

I'm trying to zero in on the guys who I think will have impact, which can be made in so many different ways: Leadership, skill, playmaking, development, teamwork, etc.

There is no perfect formula, no scientific method to determine who will step up and play that big role.

That's why I'm certain some of my selections will disappear into the sunset while other guys I omitted will leave me looking back with the 20/20 vision of hindsight and wondering how in the world they didn't make the list.

But that will be then.

This is July.

This is the time to speculate, to imagine, to dream.

I believe every single player and coach in the BYU locker room (and perhaps in other places as well) should be hungry to show that this is the year that they deserved to be recognized as my type of VIP.

Who would've had Rob Daniel down on the list in 2013? I know I didn't put Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah on my countdown in 2012, which looks pretty ridiculous these days.

It comes down to going out and making things happen. The Cougars have lots of great athletes who can -- but who will?

So come along with me over the next 25 days to get a healthy dose of BYU football speculation as we countdown the days to when the Cougars will actually really get down to business. 

Enjoy seeing what my guesses are and feel free to let me know yours by commenting at CougarBlue.com, on Facebook at the BYUCougarBlue page or by sending me a tweet @JaredrLloyd.

The future heroes of BYU football are out there, ready to become the toast of CougarTown and loyal BYU fans near and far.

Even more importantly, they hope to be the ones who spur their team on to that dream season everyone is aching to have once again.

It's about winning, and if they can do that, there is no doubt it can be very good to be a BYU football VIP.

Daily Herald sports editor ​Jared Lloyd can be reached at 801-344-2555 or jlloyd@heraldextra.com. Twitter: @JaredrLloyd. Instagram: @JaredrLloyd.

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