With BYU men's basketball's first game less than 24 hours away and President Barak Obama having already unveiled his NCAA tournament bracket, I figured it was my turn.

No, I'm not going to do a breakdown like some of the analysts or like the President did but you can still check out my picks and see how they compare to your own.

To be fair, I will fill out multiple brackets using a variety of methods (from free-throw shooting to random number generators to stat leaders) but this is the one I'm calling as my best.

Will it be correct? Heck, no.

Yeah, I'm not counting on Warren Buffet's $1 billion dollar paycheck to come my way.

That's because this year I see so many teams that I don't feel like I can bank on.

Michigan State? Syracuse? Wichita State? Louisville? Arizona? Virginia?

This is a short sampling of teams who could get hot and win it all.

That means I expect my bracket to be in tatters before it's all over — probably before the end of the first weekend.

And that's just fine with me.

It's why I love the Madness of March. Line them up, play the games and let the fans start tearing their hair out as their champions get upset.

So feel free to call me on my picks and even laugh as my teams get eliminated. It's all part of the fun.

Here are a few notes from my picks:

  1. Sorry, Cougar fans, I just couldn't pick BYU. I think the Cougars have a ton of great players but they won't be able to replace everything Kyle Collinsworth brought to the floor every night. Close game but I think the Ducks move on.
  2. Michigan State has become such a trendy pick (see President Obama's selections) that Virginia seems to be almost lost in the shuffle. The Cavaliers have quietly been very, very consistent this year and that's why I went with them.
  3. Can Jabari Parker lead Duke on a run reminiscent of Carmelo Anthony and Syracuse a few years ago? I think he has the potential to make that kind of statement, which is why I like the Blue Devils in the Final Four.
  4. In the end, however, I just think Florida has been the best team in the country over the course of the season, which is why I think the Gators will be cutting down the nets.

So that's my look at the tournament ... now let's get these games started (and more than just the appetizer of the First Four).

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-- Daily Herald sports editor Jared Lloyd is also the beat writer for the BYU football team, the columnist for the Cougar men’s basketball team and covers a variety of Utah Valley high school athletics. He can be followed on Twitter at @JaredrLloyd.
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