While lamenting (a little bit, anyway) that Bronco Mendenhall decided to announce his team captains at a fundraiser instead of to the media ...

On Saturday, Mendenhall told boosters at the "Big Blue Bash" event in Salt Lake City that junior quarterback Taysom Hill, senior fullback Paul Lasike, senior safety Craig Bills and junior defensive end Remington Peck have been selected as team captains for the 2014 season.

Mendenhall also said BYU was not afraid to play anyone, unlike a certain team in Salt Lake City, which has caused a little bit of a Twitter kerfuffle. He's such a rascal.

Usually Mendenhall lets the team pick the captains, and the selections are pretty straight forward. This is Hill's team and he is obviously the man with his teammates. Lasike, the former rugby player, is definitely a Bronco guy: Hard-working and proof that hard work pays off. Bills is so important to the defense because of his hard-hitting style. Peck might be a little bit of a surprise, but he has quietly become a very efficient defensive presence. 

We'll get access to the players and coaches at Monday's scheduled news conference at 10 a.m., and we can finally get around to asking meaningful questions about game week. 


College football is back. Let's do this.