BYU senior quarterback Christian Stewart said after Tuesday's practice that he knew the question was coming.

"I was actually talking to (quarterbacks coach Jason Beck) about it on the way in, wondering what they (the media) were going to ask me," Stewart said. "I bet it would be about how many reps I've been getting."

The reality is that the perception of Stewart getting abnormal amount of work during the 2014 fall camp is probably skewed because of the quarterback question marks of the past few years.

Beck noted that in 2013, Stewart and Ammon Olson were battling for the backup spot and thus split the repetitions. This year those have been mostly going to one guy, who has used them to improve.

"It's really not surprising," the senior said. "Last year I felt like I was starting to understand the offense but now I can start understanding what the defense is doing. It's propelled my game forward quite a long ways."

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