Sunday is supposed to be a special day, right?

Not for several former BYU football players: It appears WR Cody Hoffman (Redskins) and RB Harvey Unga (Panthers) were both cut on Sunday. Heck, Unga signed with the Panthers just a week ago.

Tough business, the NFL.

And this news from college football: Former Cougar (and Kansas Jayhawk) Jake Heaps lost out for the starting quarterback spot at Miami to a true freshman.

Heaps is a fascinating case. Remember the much-maligned press conference at Iggy's in 2009? Heaps, Ross Apo and Zac Stout were going to bring BYU championships. Instead, Heaps is at his third school, Apo has never lived up to that hype and Stout, despite some bumps along the way, is fighting for a starting role as a senior.

Heaps, in my estimation from when the media could watch a lot more practices, was the clear winner in the quarterback battle with Riley Nelson back in 2010. He was simply better suited for the offense at the time. Nelson was clearly a better leader, and that came back to haunt Heaps. I don't think he ever earned the kind of respect from his teammates that he needed to be successful, and he struggled to hit open receivers.

That was a bad combination. So was Nelson starting and playing most of the snaps in 2012 with what was essentially a broken back, but that's the past.

The future is BYU at UConn, Friday. And that is good, good news.