BYU fans have been asking about Nebraska transfer Harvey Jackson, who is competing at safety.

His situation is pretty unique: Since he graduated from Nebraska and had a year of eligibility left, Jackson is able to play for BYU right away. He has yet to claim a starting role -- there are a lot of players in that situation, as it turns out -- and BYU fans are wondering if he will.

I asked BYU defensive coordinator Nick Howell about what he was looking for at the safety spot opposite returning starter Craig Bills and where Jackson fits in.

"We practice harder than anyone in the country, that’s just known if you come to our practices," Howell said. "For Harvey, that was a shock to him at first. He'd never done anything like that in his life. Then learning our scheme and he’s had a little bit of a banged up hip. The past couple of days I've seen him make a jump. I think he’ll have a role."

Bronco Mendenhall also mentioned earlier in fall camp that Jackson was still adjusting to the way BYU does things. But I think Jackson has the ability and experience to make an impact. He played for Bo Pelini -- an overachieving college safety, just like Mendenhall -- and the Huskers defense is complex. Much like BYU's defense, the safeties make some critical decisions on lining up the players in front of them.

In three seasons at Nebraska, Jackson was kind of stuck between some experienced players and some hot up-and-comers. I also know Jackson wasn't completely healthy last season. He's a big, strong guy that the coaches at Nebraska liked, and I think the BYU coaches feel like he'll be a factor this year.

Darnell Dickson, who has been covering sports in Utah since 1989 (with a detour to Nebraska for three years somewhere in there), is currently the BYU football columnist and BYU men’s basketball beat writer.