LLOYD: A Texas perspective on the upcoming football game against BYU

2014-09-05T10:22:00Z 2014-09-11T08:19:04Z LLOYD: A Texas perspective on the upcoming football game against BYUJared Lloyd Daily Herald Daily Herald
September 05, 2014 10:22 am  • 
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  • 1. Many fans believe Texas seeks vengeance for the embarrassment in Provo last year. How much impact do you think the defeat in 2013 will have on this year's game?

    AUTULLO: Some, but not a lot. Once the ball is in the air, last year will be forgotten. I don't know that Texas' defense wants to tackle Taysom Hill any more or less because of what he did to them last year. Embarrassment will fuel Texas only so much. If the Longhorns play well defensively, it will be because of improved schemes more than them wanting to make a statement.

  • 2. The Longhorns have been through a rocky stretch with suspensions and injuries, with arguably none being bigger than the loss of David Ash. Can Tyrone Swoopes step in and lead Texas to victory? 

    AUTULLO: Remains to be seen. By all accounts, Ash was far and away the best quarterback during the preseason. I'm on record as saying Texas will not win a meaningful game without him. But I'm also on record predicting a Texas win over BYU. I like to contradict myself. Swoopes is raw. Big arm, decent feet, but raw. This week is as much about Texas play caller Shawn Watson as it is Swoopes. Watson must shrink the play book and find things to accentuate Swoopes' strengths.

  • 3. The other hard-hit area is the offensive line. Are the Longhorn backups ready to step in and open up holes without missing a beat?

    AUTULLO: Umm, I wasn't impressed with the line last week when it was mostly at full strength. To recap, 40-game center Dominic Espinosa is out with a broken leg he suffered against North Texas. Tackles Desmond Harrison and Kennedy Estelle are suspended. Harrison should be embarrassed. On Monday he was reinstated from a one-game suspension. On Wednesday, he was suspended again. This line is very untested. My expectations are low.

  • 4. Is the Texas defense as good as it looked against North Texas?

    AUTULLO: Doubt it, but that's because they set the bar at an unattainable height. They allowed less than 100 yards of total offense and picked off four passes. Jeez, I doubt they match either of those marks the rest of the season. But will the Longhorns be good on defense? Yeah, should be. Charlie Strong has always fielded good, if not great defenses. And this year's defensive line is outstanding. The linebackers and the secondary will benefit from playing behind the big boys up front.

  • 5. What do the Longhorns have to do to beat BYU on Saturday?

    AUTULLO: Tackle well. Forget about Tyrone Swoopes and the three missing offensive linemen. Texas will survive on offense. Bringing down Hill and Williams in open space will be the deciding factor. I counted just two missed tackles last week by Texas. That number needs to be below 10 this week for the Horns to win.

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